Sims Mobile Celebrates The Holidays With A Bunch Of Events

Happy Holidays.
Happy Holidays. EA

The year is almost over, and what better way to celebrate it than with a series of events? The Sims Mobile is seeing off 2020 with what could be the biggest party of the year. Be ready to take on the Sweet Treat Showdown challenge for the next two months.

Here are the playable dates for the events:

  • Treasure Hunt ‘Season’s Greetings’
    • Starts: December 14
    • Lasts for: 11 days
  • ‘12 Days of Wumples’ Quest
    • Starts: December 16
    • Lasts for: 12 days
  • Sweet Treat Showdown ‘New Year’s Gala’ event
    • Starts: December 28
    • Lasts for: 11 days
  • Wumples Quest
    • First Run Starts: December 18
      • Lasts for: 7 days
    • Second Run Starts: December 28
      • Lasts for: 7 days
    • Third Run Starts: January 9
      • Lasts for: 7 days
    • Fourth Run Starts: January 29
      • Lasts for: 7 days
  • Treasure Hunt ‘Winter Wonderland’
    • Starts: January 11
    • Lasts for: 11 days
  • Sweet Treat Showdown ‘Charming Crafts’ event
    • Starts: January 25
    • Lasts for: 11 days

Quality of Life Changes

The events will arrive in the game with the new patch. Like in the previous update, this new patch brings some changes to the basic “actions” gameplay mechanic. The Sims Mobile development team said in a post that the reason for this is to make sure that players get to “spend more time doing the things [they] love with [their] Sims.”

The first change is the Improved Starting House. This is good news! Those new to the game can now start in a home that’s less derelict and with desirable décor. The next change is the new Expanded Base Game Catalog. What it does is from the time the players start the game, they immediately get to enjoy new outfits, cultural hairstyle, and even furniture.

Players can also enjoy the Improved ‘Surprising Choice’ Mechanic. With this change, the random mechanic that interrupts special moments of Sims now happens less often. It even removes some of the scenarios. These special moments will now occur at more appropriate times.

Finally, there's the Moving Objects. For players who entered Build Mode and struggled to move décor around their home, this should give them some respite. The update gives players the ability to move items by simply tapping on them, rather than holding the object. Once the new placement is set, simply confirm it by pressing the green tick. It’s now easy!

What are you waiting for?

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