Help Smallfry As The Sims Mobile Treasure Hunt Event Is Here

Dig and be rewarded.
Dig and be rewarded. EA

It’s time to see if X truly marks the spot as The Sims Mobile has launched its Treasure Hunt Event. Samuel “Smallfry” Friday, a member of the Sims Explorers Guild, has arrived to Briny Heights and is looking for help with the event. Prepare to look for clues and use the map in order to find treasure.

To start the Treasure Hunt, simply open the map to begin. Here are the different features players can look forward to:

  • Research Event
    • At home, your Sim can begin their research and study in order to come up with clues that can help players figure out where the treasure is located.
  • Investigation Events
    • These are events that take place all around town. Clues are needed in order to begin these. Your Sim can perform themed actions in order to help look for information on the location of the treasure. Throughout the event players can receive rewards which are either Ancient Relics or Simoleons.
  • Expedition Dig Site Events
    • For these events, your Sim need to visit new dig sites scattered around town. They also need clues in order to do them. Performing themed actions reward players with more Ancient Relics.
  • Dig Site Mini Game
    • At the expedition dig sites, there are going to be mini-games that players can take on. Players can uncover more Ancient Relics or even the chance to get the rare Golden Bunnies. This mini game needs one Walkie Talkie in order to start it. Players can get a Walkie Talkie every five hours and can store a maximum of five at a time.
  • Prize Structure
    • Players can use Ancient Relics and Golden Bunnies and redeem them for exclusive new prizes. They can choose which rewards they aim for first, as they work their way down to the grand prize Treasure Chest. For those who manage to complete an entire row, they are rewarded with all color variants for each item.
    • Here are the Prizes that players can expect:
      • Grand Prizes
        • Ping pong table
        • Braid hairstyle for female Sims
        • Britechester dragon mascot costume (body & head) for male and female Sims.
      • Pyramid Prizes
        • Wooden ornate fireplace
        • Wooden drinks bar
        • Wooden desk
        • Wooden deluxe double bed
        • Fleece jacket for female Sims
        • Wooden bookcase
        • Wooden armchair
        • Student desk
        • Desk lamp
        • Justice scales
        • Ornate rug
        • Roller desk chair
        • Tartan skirt for female Sims
        • Oversized V-neck sweater for female Sims

Learn more about the event here.

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