‘Sims 4’: May Update Patch Notes, New ‘Parenthood’ Teasers, Details On Grounding Revealed

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'Sims 4: Parenthood' releases May 30. EA

The Sims 4 May 25 update, preparation for the Parenthood game pack, is a giant patch. The biggest change is an upgraded load / save menu with thumbnails and new recovery options. There are three new lights in buy mode in the ceiling lamps section -- bell-shaped, square and round. As far as gameplay, children can now smash dollhouses that other children are playing with. Young adult and adult lifespans have increased by four days to reflect the addition of toddlers. There are a few ongoing issues being fixed in create-a-sim that are very complicated to explain, so read the full patch notes here.

In addition to the patch, there’s a bunch of new details about Sims 4: Parenthood. Here’s everything revealed today:

Chance Cards

After the patch dropped, the Sims Community noticed XML code revealing more information about the new ‘Chance Cards’ teased in the last Sims blog post. Chance cards are related to character values, which are influenced by positive parenting. Whether or not you teach child sims good manners, responsibility, conflict resolution, empathy and emotional control will affect what these chance cards offer. View the extensive descriptions of each the responsible and irresponsible chance cards here .


Some new objects teased in the video below include a new dining room table with pink chairs. There appears to be another high chair, bookshelf and a whiteboard with a calendar on it. Right before the empty kitchen fills with new wooden counter tops, a new wall-length window is visible with a new set of curtains. There’s also tons of new wall art, which all look to be made by children. However, this could be parents just hanging up kids drawings on the wall. There’s a drying rack next to the new farm sink, a new refrigerator with a freezer drawer below. For the living room, there are a pair of couches with shelving underneath, a huge new square coffee table, a new fireplace and a tall bookshelf. In the kids room, there is a rolling laundry basket, a block-building station, new twin beds, a hand-painted side table and warm colored wallpapers with leaves on them. There’s also a coat rack on the back of the door. The bathroom features a double sink and a long horizontal mirror, as well as a bathtub that doubles as a shower.

School Projects

The projects teased here are building a rocket and a volcano, but there is also the option to build a robot. Hopefully more will be revealed in upcoming promotions.

Grounding Options revealed by SimGuruNinja

Not on this list are the ability to take away video games, which was revealed in the first trailer for Parenthood .

  • No TV for one day
  • No computer for one day
  • No leaving the house for one day
  • No hanging out with friends for one day
  • No phone for one day
  • No music for one day
  • No toys or games for one day

Sims 4: Parenthood releases May 30.

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