The New Sims 4 Shrink Cheat Is Handy And Hysterical

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Check out this Sim pooping on a tiny toilet.
Check out this Sim pooping on a tiny toilet. KrystinMyrieXo

A few members of the press and influencers had an opportunity to play The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs last month, and also got to experience the November update. In addition to numerous new roof types and customization tools, fansites DotSim and L’Univers Sims discovered another very handy, and very funny, new shortcut: a shrink cheat.

Shift + ] makes objects larger, and when the November patch arrives, Shift + [ will make them smaller. (When you are ready to stop shrinking everything, use the same shortcuts to bring the object back to normal size). This applies to trees, rugs, windows, televisions, paintings… or even toilets.

Thanks to KrystinMyrieXo, we know what a Sim pooping on a tiny toilet looks like (see above). Beware, the animations don’t change. For example, if you shrink your shower, your Sim is going to look like a giant. A clean giant, at least, because the function remains the same.

The new shrink shortcut has very practical uses.
The new shrink shortcut has very practical uses. DotSim

Other changes include the start to a new game. Players will now be directed to the world map instead of Create-A-Sim. There’s also no need for culling mods. There’s has always been a cap limit for how many Sims you can save in a game. The November update brings new options -- 50, 100, 200 and unlimited (though the last is not recommended for optimal gameplay). That doesn’t seem too game-changing, but paired with the new ‘favorite household’ feature, it is. Favorited households will not be in danger of being culled.

New roof customization tools allow for wavy roofs with overhangs, as well as new trims. If you want a demonstration of the new roof tools, check out the video below. The November update will arrive before the Cats & Dogs expansion pack releases, which is Nov. 17.

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