Silk Swings Her Way to Battle in Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel Contest of Champions Silk
A new web-swinging hero joins the battle. Kabam

A new hero is all set to swing her way to Marvel Contest of Champions. Silk will make her debut on July 20, but she won't be arriving alone since Kindred is also joining on August 3. Today, we'll take a look at what these two new additions can offer.

Web-Swinging Hero

Silk's origin story is similar to Peter Parker. Cindy Moon was attending a science demonstration and got bitten by a radioactive spider. However, that's where their similarities end. Her growing powers made her a great target, so Cindy was placed inside a bunker and locked alone for 10 years before being found and freed. After that, she decided to rebuild her life and took the name Silk.

In the game, her abilities are:

  • Multi-Trick Melee
    • Silk releases a flurry of attacks to force an opening and exploit it.
  • Courtesy of New York
    • Silk slings in a souvenir straight from downtown and into the face of the opponent.
  • Hwaiting
    • Silk turns defensive maneuvers into offensive momentum.

Two in One

Kindred started as a cruel plot to torment Peter Parker as the sins of his past, consequences related to the twins Gabriel and Stacy Osborne. The two were not naturally born but were a result of splicing the DNA of Harry Osborne and Gwen Stacy. They were then raised by an artificial intelligence designed by Norman and Harry Osborne. The two aged fast and died due to genetic instability.

The twins were later resurrected by Mephisto and given demonic powers to carry out the original revenge plot they were created for. As Kindred, the two have demonic strength, dream manipulation, and control over pestilence, on top of being immortal.

Kindred's abilities are:

  • Encroaching Pestilence
    • Kindred strikes with centipedes before emitting a cloud of pestilence.
  • Centipede Assault
    • Kindred covers the opponent in pestilence before releasing a multi-hit centipede strike.
  • Bad End
    • There's no escape for the opponent.

Combo Tracking

In addition to announcing the new champions, a new update has been released which introduces the Combo Tracker. What it does is help summoners learn how to build combos and how different attacks have various effects based on the champion. This Combo Tracker appears as a small display just below the HUD during a fight. It symbolizes each attack that the player and opponent throw. Learn more about this new feature.

Marvel Contest of Champions is available on Android and iOS.

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