Sandman and Shocker Join Marvel Contest of Champions

Trouble for Spidey.
Trouble for Spidey. Kabam

Trouble is brewing for your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man in Marvel Contest of Champions. That's because two members of the Sinister Six are all set to make their presence felt in the game. Shocker arrives this April 13 while Sandman blasts his way on April 27.

What's the story with this duo by the way? It seems that they've stumbled into Battlerealm and are now trying to group up with their partners in crime. The two later learn that this strange world has something more to it than familiar faces and old foes.

Prepare to be Shocked

Herman Schultz was once a gifted engineer who decided to become an expert safecracker. However, this changed when he was captured and later brought to jail. That's because while in the prison workshop, his tinkering led to him developing a pair of gauntlets which can fire compressed air as destructive shockwaves. Now calling himself as "Shocker," he blasts his way out of prison and since then has been a constant thorn with Spider-Man.

His skills are:

  • Vibro-Shock Assault
    • Shocker's custom gauntlets fire their signature long-range shockwave.
  • Shockwave Salvo
    • Rapid-fire impacts set Shocker up for a colossal ground pound.
  • Excessive Property Damage
    • An overwhelming force blasts back at the opponent before Shocker finishes the job himself.

Enter Sandman

William Baker (a.k.a. Flint Marko) was once a petty criminal. While running from the law, he was accidentally exposed to experimental radiation which destabilized his molecular make-up. Now calling himself as the Sandman, he is capable of incredible acts of strength while being able to grow to massive sizes and even shapeshift.

The skills he brings to the game are:

  • Dry 'Em Up
    • Sandman shows off his shapeshifting might and then clobbers opponents with giant fists, swords, and even a mace.
  • Slo 'Em Down
    • After kicking up a whirlwind of sand, Sandman follows up with some devastating sand blasts.
  • Smash 'Em to Bits
    • Sandman grows massive in size and pulverizes everything which stands in his way.

New Update

Last week, an update was released for Marvel Contest of Champions. Update V38.2 introduced Act 8 Chapter 2 "The Radiance" and it opens with Carina interrogating Scytalis, who was the trap-wielding final boss of Chapter 1. She hopes to know more about the OUROBOROS. However, all the questioning has only led to raising more questions. Carina has no other choice but to once again head out into The Battlerealm to look for clues and discover what her enemies are planning. This eventually leads her to the doorstep of a new threat.

Don't forget to check out the patch notes to learn more about the new update.

Marvel Contest of Champions is available on Android and iOS.

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