Marvel Contest of Champions: Dani Moonstar and Lady Deathstrike Arriving This Month

Marvel Contest of Champions June
New mutants join the battle. Kabam

Marvel Contest of Champions is bringing two new champions to The Battlerealm. This time, it's the new mutant Dani Moonstar and Lady Deathstrike.

What made the two become part of the fight? It starts with Sunspot and Warlock going on a diplomatic mission for Krakoa when they are attacked by mutant mercenaries led by Lady Deathstrike. The two later crash land on the barren wastelands of Battleworld and meet an unexpected ally in Dani Moonstar. The trio now need to work together to avoid Lady Deathstrike and her gang, escape Battleworld, and return safely to Krakoa.

Along the way, the three discover a mysterious escape pod containing a powerful Asgardian artifact known as the World Seed. They later learn that their survival may be tied to the fate of the whole Battlerealm.

Meet Dani

Dani Moonstar is a prominent member, and occasional leader, of the New Mutants. She's a proud member of the Cheyenne people and her mutant powers of illusions manifested when she was a teenager. She had originally struggled with her powers because they would only manifest as other people's greatest fears. She has since mastered her abilities and can channel them to powerful Neural Arrows.

Her skills are:

  • Psyche
    • She beats down opponents.
    • Follows it up with a blast of neural arrows.
  • Mirage
    • After a vicious shoulder charge, she releases a barrage of bullets as neural arrows fall from the sky.
  • Dark Angel
    • She casts a powerful illusion and hunts her prey from the shadows.

Fear the Lady

Lady Deathstrike was once known as Yuriko Oyama. She transformed herself into a cyborg to try and punish Wolverine for stealing the legacy of her father. Now, with super healing and deadly adamantium claws, she has forsaken her humanity.

Her skills are:

  • Precise Butchery
    • With machine-like precision, she slashes all of the opponent's vital points.
  • Savage Assault
    • Without any hesitation, she attacks her opponent with inhuman ferocity.
  • Relentless Strikes
    • She overwhelms her opponent with a series of fast, precise, and deadly attacks.

Dani Moonstar arrives on June 15 while Lady Deathstrike joins the fight starting June 20.

Celebrating Pride

In celebration of Pride Month, the game is set to showcase some of the LGBTQIA+ Champions by adding them to the team and giving everyone a peek at their backstories. Different four-star Champions are going to be featured each week.

Marvel Contest of Champions is available on Android and iOS.

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