Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon: Puzzler’s Pack DLC Anniversary Update Implements Changes to Quandary Challenges

Puzzler's Pack DLC Anniversary Update
Puzzler's Pack DLC Anniversary Update Twitter/@YachtClubGames

Developer Yacht Club Games wants to thank the community for their continued support a year after Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon was released. Thus, tons of new content has been added in the free update for the Puzzler’s Pack DLC, now available on Steam.

The latest patch offers a new game mode simply called “Weekly,” which will generate a new seed with its unique set of rules every week. Players can choose any character they want to get the highest score they possibly can.

Several notable changes have been implemented to Quandaries as well. Quandaries in Shovel Knights Pocket Dungeon are special challenge runs introduced in the Puzzler’s Pack DLC. It also includes challenges specific to each knight in the game.

In this update, the Scrap Knight’s Spawner Bag has its spawn rate reduced by half. This means that monsters coming out of the bag are significantly decreased when players are currently fighting a boss.

The Tinker Knight’s “Mech Forever” Quandary challenge now has a 15% increased chance of turning a regular block into steel.

Total Bash is a challenge where the King Knight uses Shoulder Bash to move around but without the recoil damage penalty. That said, the King Knight now only loses a single point of health every two steps instead of one step previously. Furthermore, bashing will not result in the King Knight’s health to go below one HP.

And lastly, the Mole Knight’s “Well Buried” challenge received a couple of tweaks. First, there is now a one-turn grace period after defeating a unit before the column starts filling up again. And second, the buildup speed for the buried meter is increased from 1.9 to 2.1.


  • You can now swap Knight ability in the guidebook.
  • You can now cycle unit portraits in the Guidebook by pressing the Ability Button.
  • Bump Assist can now be edited to allow for extra bumps or infinity.
  • New setting in Game Options for enabling / disabling certain cutscenes.
  • Multiple sprite updates.
  • Fleeto now jumps to a random spot on the Hedge Farm.
  • Music is now set to stereo.
  • The player now draws over the game over VFX.
  • New “Set Seed” option in the pause menu (inside the camp).
  • Updated King Knight’s bash VFX.
  • (Controller) You can now use the right joystick to examine units / shift through a Joustus deck.
  • Increased Stick of Ram’s base price from 8k to 10k.
  • Reduced relic unlock prices, now it caps at 20k.
  • Reduced price to grow beanstalk from 100k to 20k.
  • Only the first Quandary you unlock is free now.
  • Reduced price of costumes from 2k to 1k.
  • Characters in Castle Quandary are always present with updated positions.
  • Fixed crash when clones drink potions as Shuffle B.
  • Fixed a hole that could get you soft-locked inside Chester’s Shop when using Scrap Knight B. (However, now that is a safe spot you can teleport to somewhere nearby).
  • Fixed Nimbus Balloon not working on Propeller Knight’s pits.
  • Fixed the Boss Door would lower itself when opened.

Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon: Puzzler’s Pack DLC Anniversary Update is available on PC.

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