Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One for PS4 Coming Out; Xbox One Version Delayed

A bit of bad news.
A bit of bad news. Frogwares

The release of Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One for current-gen consoles has hit a snag. While the version for the PlayStation 4 is coming out on April 28, that of the Xbox One has been delayed. Delayed may be too good a term since it’s being put on an indefinite hiatus.

In a statement, the Frogwares team revealed that they had to make a tough decision and due to circumstances outside their control, the decision was to postpone the release on Xbox One indefinitely.

The team shared that from September 2021 to February 2022, they had been working to optimize the game for all platforms. It was then that they discovered how much work was needed. This is why the plan last year was to release the versions for next-gen consoles first and work on optimizing the versions for current-gen versions.

While their work had progressed well, everything became difficult when the war happened. Frogwares is headquartered in Kyiv, and with limited resources and manpower, the team could only release the PS4 version. The team said that they are indeed disappointed given the time and money invested.

Hopefully, the team will be able to work again on the Xbox One version soon. Those who already pre-order the Xbox One version and can’t wait have the option to cancel their order and get a full refund.

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One has players take on the role of the youthful arrogant and naiveté Sherlock Holmes. The game offers the experience of a global investigation. Players have the option to choose brute force in solving a problem or staying a step ahead of the enemies by using their wits to find vulnerabilities.

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One was released in November 2021 on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. A Digital Deluxe Edition includes a Season Pass, along with these new quests: Saints & Sinners, Beyond A Joke, Mycroft's Pride, and M for Mystery.

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