Shenmue 3 Pre-Order Bonuses - Best Buy, GameStop And Amazon Offer Different Items

Each retailer has its own special pre-order bonus.
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Shenmue 3's release date has been pushed back to November 19, 2019.
Shenmue 3's release date has been pushed back to November 19, 2019. Deep Silver

With the release of Ys Net’s highly anticipated Shenmue III drawing closer, publisher Deep Silver has now announced some very special bonuses for players who want to purchase the game before it officially launches on November 19 later this year. There’s a very extensive list of pre-order bonuses detailed, which you can check out below.

First off, the pre-order bonuses consist mostly of in-game items will be of help to Ryo as he continues on his quest to search for his father as last detailed in Shenmue II. The following items are available across all retailers and platforms (PlayStation 4 and PC):

  • Snake Power – a drink which can be used to replenish Ryo’s energy during battle. Players will receive three bottles of Snake Power.
  • Playing Tokens – as the Shenmue series is best known for simulating real-life activities, the pre-order bonus will also include 5,000 playing tokens for players to use in the gambling area of the game.
  • “Blazing Kick” Advanced Training Scroll – this advanced technique scroll can be used to unlock a move called “Blazing Kick,” which is useful against the foes Ryo will encounter.
  • Toy Capsule – one of the better-known activities in Shenmue are the toy dispensers, and these will make a return in Shenmue III. Players who pre-purchase will receive a set of 25 tickets to exchange for capsule toys.

In addition to these bonuses, each physical retailer will offer different kinds of limited-edition pre-order bonuses for Shenmue III. Check them out below.

  • Gamestop and EB Gamesplayers in the US (Gamestop) and Canada (EB Games) who pre-order Shenmue III will receive the Dragon/Phoenix Mirror Medallion, an actual crafted physical item inspired by the Dragon and Phoenix mirrors of the Shenmue series.
  • Best Buy players who pre-order Shenmue III from Best Buy will receive a limited-edition illustrated Steelbook, featuring portraits of the heroes Ryo and Shenhua.
  • Amazon players who pre-order Shenmue III from Amazon will receive the Kenpogi Training Wear DLC, which is original training gear based on actual Chinese Kung Fu clothing.

The Steelbook and Dragon/Phoenix Mirror Medallion quantities are limited, so if you don’t want to miss out, start pre-ordering now via the links above.

Shenmue III will be released on the PlayStation 4 and PC via the Epic Games Store on November 19.

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