She-Ra Netflix Reboot: Lumberjanes Co-Creator Noelle Stevenson To Helm

She-Ra is coming to Netflix! (c) Mattel

In great news for fans of awesome, progressive entertainment, Lumberjanes and Nimona co-creator Noelle Stevenson will be running a She-Ra reboot on Netflix:

The series will be an updated version of ‘80s show She-Ra: Princess of Power , a spin off of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe . Here’s how Netflix put it in their description of the upcoming show:

“From Eisner Award-winning author and executive producer Noelle Stevenson Lumberjanes, Nimona ) comes a modern take on the ‘80s girl power icon for a new generation of young fans. The trailblazing property originally debuted in 1985 to satisfy overwhelming demand for a female lead fantasy series. With Stevenson's unique voice at the helm, fans are in store for an epic and timely tale that celebrates female friendship and empowerment, lead by a warrior princess tailor made for today. The series will be available to Netflix members worldwide in 2018.”

Netflix and Dreamworks have collaborated beautifully on Voltron Legendary Defender and Trollhunters, two highly popular shows with great engagement and fan followings. It looks like Netflix isn’t bothering with a He-Man reboot as the license has been mired in development hell. But the Princess of Power can certainly stand on her own.

She-Ra was the cult-favorite star of her own cartoon show and toyline. The alter-ego of Princess Adora, twin sister to He-Man’s Prince Adam, She-Ra marries the glitz and glamor of Josie and the Pussycats and rockin’ 80s stylings to the optimism and fantasy of He-Man . As for Stevenson, Nimona is a supervillain comedy and Lumberjanes is fantasy adventure, so her genre chops should really shine in molding She-Ra.  

Best of all, there’s not long to wait, since the show is coming out next year. The timing couldn’t be better either, as Ready Player One shows that all things ‘80s are coming back to pop culture as the wheel of fashion turns.

Are you looking forward to the She-Ra reboot? Do you think it can find the same audience as Voltron Legendary Defender or original show Trollhunters ? What do you think Stevenson will bring to the series as showrunner? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.


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