Settlement Survival: New Content Added in Patch v0.84.281.102 in Celebration of International Children's Day

Settlement Survival
Settlement Survival Steam

The developers of Settlement Survival invite you to celebrate International Children’s Day with Patch v0.84.281.102. This update introduces fresh content, including new decorative buildings and themed decorations.

There are three new decorative buildings in Settlement Survival. They are the Balloon Stall, Balloon Cluster, and Toy Pile. These buildings can be found by pressing the Tab key and then navigating to Items > Toys.

In addition, Patch v0.84.281.102 brings Children’s Day-themed decorations to the School, Boarding School, and Academy. What’s more, children will now hold balloons in their hands in celebration of this wonderful event.

Speaking of events, the dev team also added special in-game events for June in both Standard and Sandbox modes, where you’ll be gifted free Maple Tree Seeds when you fire up Settlement Survival during this festival.


  • Hiding nearby trees when building road type structures
  • Collectible resources would be highlighted when building Gathers Huts and Hunters Huts
  • Optimized the display of selection circle under the citizens
  • Optimized the swirling animation of ships
  • Optimized the priority of homeless citizens finding houses
  • Optimized the initial population and resources on different difficulties
  • Adjusted the initial number of buildings and resources, increasing the number of warehouses and building materials
  • Removed the save-loading hotkey F6 in Tutorials
  • Fixed in some cases of game version before v0.84.275.985 Butchers will always show output limit reached unless they have been rebuilt
  • Fixed hidden trees would be shown again when moving the preview model
  • Fixed the wrong effect of Build Menu above water on URP mode
  • Fixed the Move-in Mode button on Supply Depot
  • Fixed the sunk building icons on sandbox mode
  • Fixed Fishing Port not showing material shortage icon
  • Fixed the issue that people are floating or sinking when walking on the bridge
  • Fixed the Great Palace only having half of the selection effect
  • Fixed some originally indestructible buildings still can be reinforcement remodeled
  • Fixed the wrong building state icon of the closed Sankore Madrasah and Bank
  • Fixed the issue that the bank would crash the game after it is coffer remodeled
  • Fixed the issue that the mode info can be viewed and game will also crash in Tutorials
  • Fixed the spawning of Faction buildings on Easter Island.
  • Fixed the wrong recipes of food in Gourmet Shop
  • Fixed in extreme cases repairmen won't repair destroyed houses
  • Fixed in certain extreme cases builders won't go on the construction of some buildings

Settlement Survival Patch v0.84.281.102 is available on PC.

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