Settlement Survival: Butcher Upgrades and New UI Optimizations in Patch v0.84.275.985

Patch v0.84.275.985
Patch v0.84.275.985 Steam

The latest update for Settlement Survival is now available. Although it doesn’t offer new content, it does bring plenty of optimizations to improve the game’s user interface.

Before anything, were you able to get all of the Easter-themed content from the previous update? That’s because Patch v0.84.275.985 has removed most of the elements of the Easter Egg event, including the Giant Easter egg, Easter-related decorations for the marketplace, and the happiness boost given by the Rack of Lamb and Ham.

The good news is that the Easter Eggs of decorative buildings are here to stay, so at least there’s something from the recently concluded event that you can keep.

Now, onto the meat of Patch v0.84.275.985. This update has optimized the UI and logic for the recipe selection in processing buildings. This means that when selecting a product, the feasible processing recipe will be selected automatically.

Another notable change has something to do with the Butcher. Now, fat can be obtained by hunting or slaughtering livestock. If you’re loading an old save after the update, you have to demolish and rebuild your existing Butcher buildings for the changes to take effect.


  • Optimized the image in the tutorial to fit in with the new UI design and added some guides for the new processing system
  • Optimized the tips when material reserves of Quarry type buildings are running out
  • Optimized the name pool in some languages
  • Optimized the entry and exit place of Marketplace
  • Optimized the introduction text of Sandbox Mode
  • Optimized the description text of technology - Quick Preparation (no changes in actual effect)
  • Added many decorative buildings
  • Fixed the difficulty score of Initial Livestock when creating a new game
  • Fixed the guide text when first encountering Sandstorm and Tornado
  • Fixed the issue that Sandstorm and Tornado will be triggered on Easter Island
  • Fixed images not shown in some passive events
  • Fixed sick citizens unable to be banished or treated in some cases
  • Fixed domestic animals can be spawned randomly on the map when creating a new game
  • Fixed the difficulty shown as the preset name when creating a new game with custom settings
  • Fixed the issue that the name of a city can be changed when setting its name unchangeable
  • Fixed House-type-buildings option can still be selected in the blank on the left after changing Build Menu Style
Patch v0.84.275.985
Patch v0.84.275.985 Steam

Settlement Survival Patch v0.84.275.985 is available on PC.

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