Settlement Survival: Patch Brings in Tons of Christmas-themed Content

Settlement Survival
Settlement Survival Steam

A new update for Settlement Survival is now available. Patch introduces tons of Christmas-themed content for that festive feel all throughout your settlement.

Christmas Content

The developers want you to experience the holiday spirit, so they’ve added new content to help with that. First of all, you will see a Giant Christmas Tree that can send gifts to the children in your town every five years.

Of course, the Snowman is always part of the winter tradition. This snowy structure can be built on roads and it can slightly increase the health of citizens within range.

In addition to the Giant Christmas Tree, you can also place Christmas Trees inside houses that you build during the holiday event. To cap it all off, there is special Christmas music playing in the background as well. You can learn more about the event here.

Patch Highlights

  • Harvest: When triggered, the field crops will be larger and more productive this year
  • Sandstorm: When triggered, a sandstorm would spawn on the map and keep destroying trees, buildings and people along the way Trees will reduce the scale of a sandstorm
  • Earthquake: When triggered, it has a chance to create mountains on the map, scare away wild animals on the map, and destroy old houses
  • Floods: When triggered, the water in the river will devour the town, destroying most of the plants
  • Removed Acid Rain and Severe Cold. (In old saves, Acid Rain will become Animal Plague, Severe Cold will become Sandstorm)
  • Added three new languages support: Italian, Polish and Brazilian Portuguese
  • Added 10 random events (New save required)
  • Added Active Event: UFO (Click the UFO to trigger this event when it is passing through your town)
  • Added Function: Hide Trees. Press H to hide the trees when they are blocking your view
  • Added Shortcut key for the in-game window by the Title
  • Added Function: Fuel can be banned now in Resource Management
  • Added display effect of the Upgrade: Campfire for tent
  • Added Upgrade: Puppy for houses. (Same effect as Upgrade: Cat)
  • There are several new disasters that the MOD needs to synchronize with the configuration in the disaster (new disasters cannot be triggered if it is not synchronized)
  • Added random events, MOD needs to synchronize configurations in HardMode.xml (new events cannot be triggered if they are not synchronized)
  • Fuel disablement is added, MOD need to synchronize configuration in Items.xml (can't disable fuel if not)

Settlement Survival Patch is now available on PC.

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