Serious Sam: The First Encounter Mod Makes The Game More Like Doom

Serious Sam
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You can play more Doom today than you previously thought. There is a cool new mod available for Serious Sam: The First Encounter called Serious Doom. The mod adds Doom-style gameplay elements into The First Encounter, making it more fast-paced than it was before.

Doom (2016) and Eternal stand out from the rest of the FPS games on the market because they are not your basic cover shooters. You have to continuously keep moving if you want to survive. If you stand still, you will most definitely die. Serious Sam is very similar to that kind of gameplay, as it features an open map filled with enemies that you can kill with multiple guns.

The Serious Doom mod completely revamps the game, or at least the first five missions of it. This mod adds 2016’s Doom enemies and guns into the game, and some weapons of Doom Eternal have also been imported. You will now be able to double jump, teleport, swing on poles, and do everything the Doom Slayer can do. Doom Eternal abilities like dash, meathook, and flame shoulder gun have also been added in the game.

You can watch the mod in action below, courtesy of YouTube user FrameRater.

It’s surprising to see how ambitious this mod is. It feels like the entire Doom game was ported into Serious Sam. At first glance, we thought that this was actually made in 2016’s Doom using SnapMap.

You can download the mod using the Steam Workshop. Right now, the mod is marked as a demo and only works for the first five levels. However, creator Danny S. has said that he will keep working on the mod throughout the year. The description of the mod says "You can expect a full Serious DOOM mod later this year filled with lots of Eternal content, even stuff that doesn't seem to be possible to do in Serious Sam."

So what do you think? Are you interest in the Serious Doom mod? Or will you rather play Doom Eternal? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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