Blade & Soul Revolution: New Seasonal Dungeon in Latest Update

Get ready to explore a new dungeon.
Get ready to explore a new dungeon. Netmarble

A new update has been released for Blade & Soul Revolution. It introduces a bunch of new content for everyone to enjoy like Radiant items, limited-time events, and game improvements.

The highlight is the new legendary seasonal dungeon called the Forgotten Temple where you can fight the Scorpion Queen. Players who can defeat the Scorpion Queen will receive the Forgotten Temple Season Soul Shield as reward.

Other new additions include Radiant Legendary Relic and Radiant Legendary Hunt Equipment (Weapon/Accessory) which give players higher stats, special options, and more Gems. These items can be obtained via the Legendary Blacksmith in-game menu.

The new update also has these features and upgrades:

  • Balancing improvements for these six classes:
    • Destroyer
    • Force Master
    • Kung Fu Master
    • Blade Dancers
    • Summoners
    • GunSlinger
  • Class characteristics have been strengthened so players can enjoy PvP/PvE content.
  • New Passive Level now available for players able to achieve Hongmoon Level 50.
    • This can increase Defense, Block, PvP Attack Reduction, and PvP Defense Ignore Attack Power.
  • As part of the Ancient Wheel Reformation, these have been added:
    • Yellow Radiant Legendary Weapon/Accessory Design
    • Radiant Legendary Relic Design
    • Sparkling Relic Crystal
    • Limited -Time Events

Limited-Time Events

Here are some of the limited-time events that players can join:

  • Brilliantly Radiant Hunt Accessory
    • Once players complete missions, related equipment such as crafting, enhancement, or restoration, Yellow Hunt Accessory becomes available.
  • Brilliantly Radiant Relic
    • Players can get the Legendary Relic Parts Selection Box by completing missions, participating in Tower of Spirits, Training Ground, or obtaining dungeon loyalty points.
  • Springtime Dungeon Tour
    • Those who complete dungeon missions or raids are rewarded with a New Deluxe Ascension Gift.
  • Springtime Random Mission
    • Players who complete missions, such as clearing dungeons/raids or defeating field bosses, have the chance to obtain the Legendary Skill Badge Tablet 10+1 and Springtime Material Bundle.
    • The Springtime Material Bundle contains:
      • Sparkling Normal Metal(x5)
      • Sparkling Normal Ore(x10)
      • Sparkling Relic Crystal(x5)
      • Special Metal(x10)
      • Special Ore(x20)
      • Special Relic Crystal(x10)
  • Springtime First Purchase Gift
    • During the event, players who buy in-game items can get an Ancient Wheel Selection Box.

Blade & Soul Revolution is an open-world mobile RPG based on the PC online game Blade & Soul. The mobile version remains true to its PC roots by offering a high level of full 3D graphics along with large-scale content, revamped to perform better on mobile devices.

Blade & Soul Revolution is available on Android and iOS.

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