Blade & Soul Revolution Brings Blade Dancer Class to Battle

A fan favorite class has arrived.
A fan favorite class has arrived. Netmarble

The first large-scale update for Blade & Soul Revolution finally brings a new character class, which has long been requested by players. Arriving alongside the Blade Dancer class is Act 5 of the game’s story titled “A Lost Generation.”

There’s also a new Blackram Supply Chain dungeon where players need to have strategic and tactical planning to defeat the boss Poharan.

Skill Badge

There is also other new content arriving in the game. The new Skill Badge item, for example, lets players customize their skills and their own tactics. These are divided into three types with players allowed to equip one of each type. Details are:

  • Attack Type
    • Increases the Rear Damage inflicted on enemies or a specific Skill Damage.
    • There are also Unique Options that can decrease the Damage Reduction Rate of an enemy and the effect not only applies to the player alone but to the party members as well.
  • Defense Type
    • Decreases the damage received in certain situations or certain Skill Damages of the enemy.
    • It also has Crowd Control Resistance and other Unique Options that can help sustain strength in combat by stealing HP and decreasing the Attack Power of an enemy.
  • Support Type
    • Reduces the cooldown of certain Skills or increases the Accuracy Rate and Movement Speed when using a certain Skill.
    • They also have Unique Options that decrease the Movement Speed of an enemy or can give the player an edge in battles by creating an interference effect that lowers the target’s HP Recovery.

Blade Dancer

Going back to the highlight of the new update, the new class is actually known as “Lyn Blade Dance.” This is the first close-range combat class to come from the Lyn race. Blade Dancers are excellent melee fighters due to their agility and speed. Compared to the Blade Master, this class needs more elaborate control mainly because of the skills and different combo attacks.

With the Vortex Skills, Blade Dancers can approach or retreat, while making sure to block the attacks of enemies. They can even go after enemies through rushing skills. This class also has skills that can help party members.

Read all the details of the new update here.

Blade & Soul Revolution is an open-world RPG available on Android and iOS.

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