Blade & Soul Revolution Now Available on Android and iOS

A mobile version is here.
A mobile version is here. Netmarble

Blade & Soul Revolution is now available on Android and iOS. This game is based on Blade & Soul, which was released on PC.

In celebration of this launch, Netmarble has partnered with four gaming personalities for a Blade & Soul Revolution Showdown on March 5 at 9:00 p.m. ET. The event can be viewed on the game’s different social media channels, such as Twitch, Facebook, and Youtube.

For those not familiar with Blade & Soul, the mobile version offers an updated and more streamlined experience. Several improvements have been made including in the hunting mechanics, player balance, and even the pace of the player’s growth. While Blade & Soul was already meant for the US market, the enhancements in Revolution is to make sure that it would appeal better to Western players. As such, those familiar with the PC version get to enjoy new features along with the newbies. These include Windwalk as well as different martial arts actions.

Blade & Soul Revolution is an open-world game that remains true to the PC version while giving full 3D graphics, which is backed by the Unreal Engine 4. Players can also expect the improved large-scale content to perform better on mobile platforms. That means players can experience a large-scale real-time faction battle along with unparalleled hands-on action.

Players who download the game immediately get access to these classes:

  • Blade Master
    • Offers a wide range of attack and block skills.
    • A versatile and well-rounded class.
    • Difficulty: Average
  • Destroyer
    • Uses a giant ax to deal damage.
    • Gets defense from iron armor.
    • Difficulty: Low
  • Kung Fu Master
    • Can counter incoming attacks with their gauntlet weapons.
    • Able to force opponents into submission.
    • Difficulty: High
  • Force Master
    • Uses chi to attack enemies at a distance.
    • Can deal damage to multiple targets.
    • Difficulty: Average
  • Summoner
    • Makes use of the power of nature’s plants and insects.
    • Can resurrect fallen allies.
    • Difficulty: High

As part of the launch, a 7-day daily check-in event will last for four weeks. It’s going to offer different rewards like, among many others, the Superior Pet Peanut and the Heroic Pet Chest.

In a statement, Netmarble Executive Producer Andy Kang shared that developing this game was fun. He added that it helped that the team had been previously involved in other mobile games like Lineage 2: Revolution and A3: Still Alive.

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