Sea Of Thieves Introduces New Tall Tale With Heart Of Fire

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Something new is brewing.
Something new is brewing. Rare

Sea of Thieves released a new update which brings with it a bunch of new content. Heart of Fire offers new weapons and new rewards. There's also a new story for players to enjoy. Today we take a look at what the latest update has to offer.

Let's start with new weapons. Heart of Fire has some interesting toys to play with. The first is the Chainshot which serves as a new type of ammunition for the cannon. It's basically a pair of small cannonballs that are connected with a chain. Once fired, it can destroy a wheel, capstan, or even a mast, in just one hit. However it's not powerful enough to penetrate a ship's hull. Still that should be enough for some interesting strategies to come out.

The second is the Blunderbomb, a throwable item. This item can be crafted by weaponsmiths and appears to be a mix of the blunderbuss and firebomb. Thus, when it hits a target, it not only explodes and deals damage but also has a knockback effect. Much like the Chainshot, this allows players new tactics when tackling enemies.

The Hearts of Fire update also includes Athena's Treasures as a reward. It not only offers reward gold and Athena's Fortune reputation, but also new treasures. Players can get the Ancient Black Powder, Chalices of Ancient Fortune, and Crates of Legendary Voyages, among others.

Heart of Fire even includes new items in the Pirate Emporium. This is a store where players can express themselves better as pirates with pets, ship liveries, and even emotes. The newest addition this time is the Royal Sea Squirrel Ship Set, something that many have been requesting.

Sea of Thieves isn't just about weapons and rewards. The story is just as important and Heart of Fire also has that, specifically a new Tall Tale. In Sea of Thieves, Tall Tales are story quests that are given by NPCs. For this new update, the story follows The Seabound Soul.

Just a recap, The Seabound Soul has players help the ghost of none other than Sir Arthur Pendragon. This time players need to go to the Charred Parrot Tavern, which is at Morrow's Peak Outpost. Upon arriving they need to talk to the tavern keeper Tallulah to get the Tall Tale. So what's the story about? It appears that Pendragon again needs the help of the pirates.

You can learn more about Heart of Fire here.

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