Sea Of Thieves Update 2.0.12 Patch Notes: The Crews Of Rage Update Is Now Live

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Sea of Thieves' latest update, known as The Crews of Rage, was released yesterday. The update adds tons of new content including new voyages, a fresh Fortress fight, and new types of cursed chests called Chests of Rage. A new set of Tomes can also be collected by players. Most importantly, the update has massively improved combat, which we will discuss below.

The update is a decent size, coming in at 5.5 GB on Xbox One. Xbox One X and PC gamers will have an even larger download at 9.55 GB on both.

There are tons of new additions and updates in the 2.0.12 update that we can't fit into one article. You can read the complete patch notes on the official site.

Changes to the combat mechanics include:

  • Players can no longer use a quick sprint between firing guns that enables them to perform a double shot faster than intended with dual guns.

  • Aiming down sights and immediately swapping to your sword will no longer cause the sword block to get stuck until you block again.

  • Stowing your sword while blocking and then taking it out once more will no longer cause you to have to press block twice to block again.

  • Sword blocking action and animation now trigger correctly at the end of the sword wield animation.

  • You are now able to swap to another item using a keybinding during the sword wield animation.

  • Removed slight pause in animation when a player first takes out their sword.

  • When your gun is out of ammo and you try to shoot, it will now play the dry fire sound effect.

  • When blocking with the sword and switching to another weapon, your hand no longer appears empty during the stow animation.

  • When performing a block, sword lunge animation no longer pops when bringing the sword back.

  • If a player is hit with a cannonball and not killed on impact, they are now knocked back.

Other updates include:

  • Sword Combat Improvements – A range of sword combat fixes and improvements have been introduced, smoothing the experience when switching to and from swords, and ensuring players can transition in and out of sword combat more consistently. For more detail, head to the ‘Combat’ section of this month’s Fixed Issues list!

  • Pirate Legend Shopkeeper Exclusives – Pirate Legends can now purchase a range of new hair and beard options from the Athena's Fortune shopkeeper within the Parrot, Kraken and Ocean Crawler cosmetic sets.

  • Mermaid Behaviour – When a player already has a Mermaid, swimming away from it will cause a new one to appear more quickly than before. This improved support from the Mermaids only happens if players are not close to a rival ship, ensuring that you can still stealthily approach your enemies!

  • New Player Mermaid Onboarding – When entering either or Adventure or Arena as a new player, a pop-up is provided upon first becoming stranded in the water, teaching players the purpose of the Mermaid in returning you to your ship.

  • Emergent Reaper’s Chest and Reaper’s Bounty – After a period of heightened activity, Reaper's Chests and Reaper's Bounties have started to become less common in the world.

  • Reaper’s Bounty Cash-In – Handing in a Reaper’s Bounty to the Masked Stranger now awards players 10,000 gold.

  • Hunter’s Call Now Accepts Collector’s Chests – Players can now cash in empty Collector's Chests with The Hunter’s Call representatives at Seaposts!

  • Storm Lightning Balancing – The frequency of lightning strikes within a storm has been reduced.

  • Emote Camera – When moving and zooming the emote camera to your desired position, it will no longer reset to default if left idle for a short time.

  • Ship Map Navigation – Player can now zoom the ship’s map in much further to see each island more closely.

  • How Did You Hit That? – Players can now harpoon the Stronghold Key and the Fort of the Damned Stronghold Key.

  • Animal Health – Flameheart's return has had an effect on the island wildlife: chickens, pigs and snakes now have reduced health.

So what do you think? Are you interested in The Crews of Rage? Will this update pull you back in the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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