Sea Of Thieves: A New Cursed Chest Can Set Your Ship On Fire

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Sea of Thieves
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Although the next content update for Sea of Thieves doesn't arrive until next week, Rare has shared what you can expect from the next update in the pirate adventure game. The upcoming update for Sea of Thieves is called The Crews of Rage, and will focus on improving the combat mechanics in the game, particularly sword combat.

There are also some changes to Mermaids. The sea creatures that transport players back to their ships, will now appear more frequently following the update. However, if you're close to an enemy ship, these creatures will appear less frequently, so as not to give away your position to the enemy when you're sneaking onto their ship.

There are also some changes to lightning, which will strike less frequently following the update. Players will also be able to purchase a new "PirateAppearancePotion" from the Pirate Emporium for 149 Ancient Coins to change the appearance of their pirates. Additionally, thanks to the Noble Pathfinder sail raising $76,000 for SpecialEffect charity, a new set of charity sails called the Valiant Dawn are coming soon. The funds raised from the new set of sails will be used to support St. Jude's Children Hospital.

The video posted on the Sea of Thieves YouTube channel also gives us the first look at the Chest of Rage, similar to the Chest of Sorrow. Unlike the Chest of Sorrow, which filled the ship with water, the Chest of Rage, once it's onboard, can heat up and set the ship on fire. Pouring water on the chest will keep it cool and firing at it will heat it.

Everything that's coming to Sea of Thieves in the February update will be revealed once the patch notes are broken down. Although the video did not tell us a particular date when the update would drop, you can always check back on Player.One to keep yourself updated.

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