SCUM July 11 Update: New Weapons and Bug Fixes

SCUM - Weapons update
SCUM - Weapons update Steam

SCUM recently received an update that added several new weapons, quality-of-life changes, and bug fixes.

HS Weapons

This update introduced multiple Croatian-made weapons, which include:

  • VHS-2: This is the standard rifle of the Croatian armed forces. The VHS-2 is a bullpup 5.56 NATO assault rifle, which has the benefits of a longer barrel in a shorter package. This weapon comes in two versions; one with the standard rail carrying handle and the other with integrated 1.5X optical red dot sights. Both these weapons are versatile, modular, accurate, and easy to maneuver.

  • VHS-BG: This is a Croatian boomstick, a double-action single-shot 40×46 mm grenade launcher. It has a mechanical sight system that helps players launch the grenade.

  • HS9 and SF19: The SF19 is a 9-mm pistol with 19 rounds per magazine; it’s well known for performance and reliability. On the other hand, the HS9 is a more compact 9-mm pistol with 13 rounds per magazine.


This update also brought two new sniper rifles, the AWP and AWM. The .308 AWP and .338 AWM rifles are bundled with insane firepower; both snipers come with a rail system for easy scope mounts. For players who are interested in sniper rifles, these might be the best ones you can get right now. Make sure to maintain some distance from enemies because it might be difficult to handle these weapons in close combat.

Hunter Reforged and Hunter Carbon

The developers have refreshed the old Hunter weapon and added a brand new one in this update. The Hunter Reforged called Hunter 85 in-game now has 12 rounds in its magazine, which give a higher fire rate before reloading. The Hunter Carbon, on the other hand, is the more powerful variation of the Hunter 22, which is chambered in the old-fashioned 30-06.

SCUM Update

Bug Fixes
  • Potential fix for vehicles falling through terrain.
  • Fixed some icons issues.
  • Fixed the bug where grenades would sometimes cause crashes.
QoL Additions
  • Buffed all munitions damage.
  • Included new pass on translations.

You can read more about the update here.

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