SCUM Update New City, Bug Fixes, QoL Additions, and More

Scum Update
Scum Update steam

SCUM recently received a new update that comes with bug fixes and some changes to the game mechanics.

The developers have a brand new city in the Z2 sector. Novigrad is a fully developed city that shows the Adriatic coastline cities. Besides a new city, brick factories and construction sites now play a major role and have two new layers - brick and concrete - for base building. These layers will allow players to make sturdy structures that even explosives may not destroy.

SCUM Patch

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the bug where sentries would sometimes duplicate themselves.
  • Fixed the bug where WASD keys would not end autorun.
  • Fixed the bug when the player is underwater at night and there was no light.
  • Fixed the bug where holographic sights would mess up when aiming at rivers.
  • Fixed the bug where in some areas puppets would not spawn properly.
  • Fixed the bug where crafting a torch could use stick bundles.
  • Fixed the bug where some wrong icons would show up.
  • Fixed the bug where closing chest inventory would prevent players from using the map.
  • Fixed the bug where catching fish and releasing them would sometimes make them stuck in your hands.
  • Fixed the bug where AKs would show wrong max ammo when RPK drum mag is equipped.
  • Fixed the bug where the practice trap did not have infinite defuse attempts.
  • Fixed the bug when charging NVG the icon would not show charge level properly.
  • Fixed the bug where alt-tabbing out of the game in the middle of fishing would bug out the game.
  • Fixed the bug where crafting explosive arrows would not use up arrows.
  • Fixed the bug where censor mode would not work on corpses.
  • Fixed the bug where improvised raft and bottom bed would not use materials properly.
QoL Additions
  • Disabled chats will now skip automatically when going through them in the chatbox.
  • Reworked the item naming system in-game. This will result in chests losing their names and will need to be set again.
  • You can now store tree branches in log sheds.
  • BB doors will now show absolute HP instead of percentages.
  • Reduced the amount of gunpowder needed to craft explosive arrows/bolts.
New Admin Commands
Drone additions
  • As a drone, admins will now be able to move items on the ground and in the chest, due to some limitations they won't be able to move items from the chest to the ground. Moving the items can be done by pressing TAB that will then show the mouse icon on the screen and you will be free to interact with items and chests in the vicinity.

You can read more about the update here.

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