SCUM August 1 Update: FSR 2.0, Armor Class Rework, Item Spawns and More

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SCUM received a new patch just a few hours ago, bringing some important changes to the game. The Development Update 22 comes with the rework for several items, fixes an issue related to the EAC ban, improves FSR 2.0, and squashes a plethora of bugs.

Several items are reworked, including clothes, armor class, and appearance. The developer is working on new POIs, besides the ongoing work for the nuclear power plant POI. Item spawns have been tweaked, and economy and trader prices have been adjusted.

The art team is currently working on female characters and animations. New weapon attachments are being tested and future community events are being planned.

You can read the patch notes below.

  • Resolving the EAC ban issue
  • Further work on FSR 2.0
  • Clothes rework
  • Armor class rework
  • Physics optimization
  • Further work on modular vehicles
  • Appearance rework
  • General bug fixing
  • Working on new features
Level Design
  • Working on new POI's
  • Ongoing work on a nuclear powerplant POI
  • Level design optimization
  • Assets for various POI's
  • Further optimization
  • Bug fixing
Art Team
  • Ongoing work on female characters & animations
  • Nuclear powerplant concept art
  • Ongoing work on new handgun mounts and sights
  • Ongoing work on clothes for female characters
  • Ongoing work on backpacks
  • Research and creation of meshes for farming
  • Ongoing work on clothes layers morphing
  • Creation and implementation of sfx for upcoming features
  • Bug fixing
  • Planning future community events
  • New weapon attachments testing
  • Catching and banning cheaters
  • Community feedback
  • Steam bug reports and general discussion
  • Testing upcoming features
  • Bug reporting
Design Team
  • Ongoing work on item tooltips
  • Item spawn adjustments
  • Economy and trader prices adjustments

The complete patch notes can be read via Steam.

SCUM is an open-world multiplayer survival game developed and published by Gamepires. The game is available for purchase on Steam for only $34.99. However, do keep in mind that the title is currently in an early access state. It won’t be smooth sailing, so expect some bugs here and there.

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you been playing SCUM recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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