SCUM Update New Outpost Airfields and Foreign Substance Poisoning

SCUM Update
SCUM Update Steam

SCUM recently received a new update that introduced new features, outpost airfields, and bug fixes.

New Outpost Airfields

Have you ever been in a situation where you were flying sky high and wanted to stop shopping? Well, now you can park your airplanes at any outposts and go shopping. The runways for the outposts aren’t that long. So, be careful while landing or you might cross the runway border.

Foreign Substances

Players have to be more careful with this update because there are foreign substances, such as activated charcoal, painkillers, antibiotics, and mushroom toxins, which you can come across while traveling around the island. The mushrooms can poison and kill you, though activated charcoal helps in clearing out all toxins.

SCUM Update

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed music player crash when next track is played
  • Numerous level design bug fixes
  • Fixed the bug where the UI would crash the game sometimes
  • Fixed the bug where UI widget progress bar would crash sometimes
  • Fixed the B9 vitamin high intake bug
  • Fixed bug when player was unable to chamber bullet into the Carbon Hunter
  • Fixed the bug where the fishing attachments could be duplicated
  • Numerous collision bug fixes
  • Fixed server crash related to removing fortifications from some windows
  • Fixed abusive repairs of all vehicles and items
  • Fixed the name of SF19 magazine
QoL Additions
  • Gas lantern can now be toggled on/off using Shift + E key combination
  • Reduced the volume of puppet SFX that could be heard in bunkers through multiple wall layers
  • VHS packs in cargo drop and killbox will provide ammoboxes instead of unpacked bullets
  • AWM and AWP suppressors are now available at armory traders
  • Eating or drinking the same item multiple times will merge them into one item shown in metabolism
Metabolism Adjustments
  • You eat food A that has protein, fat, and carbs
  • You eat food B that has protein, fat, and carbs
  • In our old system food B would not start digesting protein, fat, and carbs at all until those nutrients are fully consumed from food A
  • In our new system food A will be digesting the nutrients x amount per hour
  • While at the same time food B that you consumed will be digesting the same nutrients x/5 amount per hour
  • If you consume all the protein from food A, then the protein from food B will start digesting at full speed

You can read more about the update here.

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