SCUM: New Update Features Battery Rework and More

Patch 0.8.520.69315 Gamepires

Gamepires has been busy reworking a lot of things in SCUM, from animal hunting to generators. However, it seems that the company is not done yet as it has reworked another major part of the game in the recent update: Batteries.

The goal of the rework is to improve the realism of batteries in SCUM. Back then, batteries were only used as containers to charge the "invisible internal battery" in devices. But that is no longer the case in Patch 0.8.520.69315.

From now on, batteries should be inserted into devices to power them up. This can be done by simply dragging and dropping the battery into the desired device. Some of the battery-powered devices are night vision goggles (NVG) and flashlights.

Battery Rework Gamepires

Another major change to batteries is that they now hold charges and will be drained accordingly. The amount of battery drain is dependent on where the batteries are inserted. For example, NVGs will consume more battery power than flashlights.

Battery Rework Gamepires

Gamepires added a large and small battery charger to give your batteries some juice when needed as well. They require a generator to operate, so be sure to secure one if you're going to use them.

Battery Chargers Gamepires

That said, how do you charge your batteries? It's actually quite simple. All you have to do is place them inside the charger and wait for the process to be completed. Regular blue batteries are not chargeable, however, so do keep that in mind.

Battery Charging Gamepires

Patch Notes

New Features

  • Night Vision Scope
    • The new scope is now in, and it's a special one. Nicknamed vampyr, this scope not only has variable zoom but also night vision capabilities.

New Location

  • Duga Radar Site
    • Located in D0 sector the new POI is a long-abandoned huge radar site. Feel free to explore and for those of you who are not afraid of heights, you can climb up the radar as well. Who knows some of you might even find it a good place for a hidden stash.

QoL Additions

  • Arrows and bolts can no longer do damage to vehicles.
  • Modified recipes of all crafted suppressors.
  • Eating crickets and earthworms will now give you food repulsion.
  • Adjusted vehicle parts spawn chance and initial durability.
  • Removed the eerie ambient audio from Samobor city.
  • Open-finger gloves will now soak much less water.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the bug where you couldn't rest in the same bed again after resting in a vehicle.
  • Fixed the issue where clouds would cause flickering through foliage.
  • Fixed the issue where periodically replenishable resources multiplier would not be applied correctly.
  • Fixed the issue where some clothing items would dry too fast.
  • Fixed the issue where improvised grill grid would disappear too fast.
  • Fixed the issue where main menu would sometimes crash.
  • Fixed the bug where the metal detector sound would stay active when you dropped the detector on the ground while active.
  • Fixed the issue where destroyed vehicles would not despawn unless someone was near them for a long time.
  • Resolved the issue where chests would disappear when they shouldn't. Whooorayy!!!

SCUM Patch 0.8.520.69315 is available on PC.

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