SCUM: Latest Update Features Massive Reworks to Loot, Animal Hunting

Update 0.8.500.67830 Gamepires

SCUM, the multiplayer open-world survival game developed by Gamepires, received a new patch not long ago. Update 0.8.500.67830 features massive reworks to various in-game mechanics, including hunting animals and loot.

Loot Rework

Are you the type of person who wants the SCUM server to restart just to get some loot? Well, that is no longer possible in the latest patch. That's because the company made some under-the-hood changes where loot no longer resets on server restart.

The reason why Gamepires did this is to encourage you to get out there and explore the vast and harsh world of SCUM. After all, this is marketed as an open-world survival game, no?

Get Hunting

One of the things that you can do in this game is to hunt animals for food. In this patch, the company revamped hunting and now requires more skill on your part if you want to catch those animals.

According to Gamepires, hunting starts as soon as you hear the first animal noise. You have to keep your eyes and ears open because these senses will give you a good indication of where the animal might be. Focus Mode also helps a ton when searching for clues.

Once you've followed the clues, you're going to end up where the animal is. Just remember that the hunting rework requires you to be fast because taking too much time between clues will prompt the animal to go away for good.

You can find the other noteworthy changes in this patch below:

  • New Heat Sources
    • Portable Gas Stove
    • Portable Electric Stove
  • New Energy Sources
    • Gas Tank
    • Medium Electric Generator
    • Small Electric Generator
  • New Sentry
    • Mechs 2.0
      • It has a dual machine gun, it has grenade launchers with flashbang, CS gas, AND HE capabilities. Oh and for you pesky little meatbags that think about taking it on from range it even has a nice surprise for you as well if you piss it off enough
  • New Rocket Launchers
    • RPG - 7 is a Soviet made, man-portable, multi-shot, shoulder fired rocket propelled grenade launcher. Widely produced in many variants it is the most famous rocket launcher around the world. It fires a 40mm rocket propelled warhead. Warheads come in multiple sizes and purposes making the RPG a versatile weapon that has been time tested and field proven for generations.
    • AT-4 is a single-shot 84mm shoulder fired recoilless launcher. It is a modern solution for a light disposable man-portable anti armored and anti fortifications launcher. It is effective against light armored vehicles but will be useless against any heavy armor/fortifications.

SCUM 0.8.500.67830 is available on PC.

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