SCUM: Generators Now Last Longer in Latest Update

Hotfix 0.8.502.68266 Gamepires

Developer Gamepires released a new patch for SCUM, which you can now download from Steam. Hotfix 0.8.502.68266 applies a plethora of quality-of-life changes, especially for content introduced in a previous update.

Generators were added to the open-world survival game SCUM to power up certain appliances, including refrigerators, prefab ovens, and electric stoves. While they are useful, generators will continually use fuel when turned on even if they're not currently attached to anything.

That said, the company made a substantial change where generators now consume far less fuel than before. This is very useful in case you forget to turn the generator off.

Another QoL feature worth mentioning is that a single Antibiotic Pill has been added to the trader shop. Normally, antibiotic pills are only found as a world loot. Being able to buy it from the trader allows you to do something about an infection or contamination immediately.

You can read the other quality-of-life changes below:

  • Nerfed both hand and foot abrasions gain rate
  • When a tear gas grenade pin is pulled while in hand, the gas will now start emitting from the proper location
  • Tweaked loot settings for numerous items
  • Any meat can now be used for mixed and meat skewers
  • Nerfed the fame gained for escaping a shark's bite
  • Hazmat lockers are now locked with simpler locks
  • Depleted Uranium containers can now be force-unlocked
  • Reduced weight of Cocoa Powder item to 200g
  • Wounds and Rags can now be disinfected with all strong alcoholic drinks
  • School Backpacks can now be cut and repaired
  • It is now possible to specify negative coordinates for custom map center location
  • Krueger and RPG weapons parts are added to the Armory trader
  • Closing the cooking panel no longer resets chosen recipes unless the player moves far away from the heat source item
  • Moving cooking utilities on heat source items no longers resets chosen recipes
  • Improved descriptions of some of the server settings
  • Cooking bar color is now consistent in all cooking time dispositions
  • Reinforced Door owners can now destroy the door with a sledgehammer
  • Removed suicides from kill logs
  • Sausages do not require bread as an ingredient anymore
  • Reduced bread cooking time to 10 min
  • Cheeseburgers and burgers now require only 1 use of bread
  • Improvised sewing kit can now be crafted by using a fishline
  • Portable refrigerator will now decay in 14 days if not repaired
  • Improved new sentry death animation
  • Sentry damage particles intensity will increase as the sentry is getting lower in health
  • Visually improved the in-game server password prompt
  • Animal corpses should now be more visible in regard to different angles and distances

SCUM Hotfix 0.8.502.68266 is available on PC.

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