SCUM Developers Try to Fix More Server Issues with New Update

Patch 0.8.510.68662 Gamepires

Developers of the open-world survival game SCUM have churned out another update recently. Patch 0.8.510.68662 is primarily focused on resolving some game-breaking bugs.

The bug that caused some items to not be tradable is fixed. The issue that prevented people from treating wounds in single-player mode is now resolved as well.

In addition, the developers implemented a potential fix for servers being temporarily unavailable. Players who still encounter this issue after updating to the latest version must report to the SCUM dev team immediately.

Patch 0.8.510.68662 also brought a wealth of quality-of-life improvements. For one, players can now wash their eyes with water to remove the negative effects of tear gas. On top of that, items that are automatically added to the inventory now rotate properly so that they fit in nicely.


QoL Additions

  • Rebalanced hand abrasions gain.
  • Adjusted suicide puppet beeps audio volume.
  • Adjusted sentry walking speed.
  • You can no longer sell vehicles when other players occupy them.
  • Added wristwatch alarm functionality.
  • Implemented chat spam protection.
  • Your character now rests when in a vehicle and idle.
  • Sentry bullets now have tracers.
  • Reduced the amount of fuel and battery charge vehicles can spawn with.
  • Increased the time standing torches and candles can burn with maximum fuel.
  • Adjusted some bags and clothing items inventory capacity.
  • Added fish skewer recipe.
  • Eating raw coca powder will now give you food repulsion.
  • Fueling fire with multiple use items will now correctly use as much of the item as possible.
  • Added the ability to use WASD keys to unlock dial logs.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the bug where destroying cooking utilities with items on them would make the items float.
  • Fixed the bug where wrong impact audio would play when kunai is used.
  • Fixed the issue where in some recipes meat would show twice as a possible ingredient when it should not.
  • Fixed the bug where you could not use other containers such as gasoline canisters filled with water for cooking.
  • Fixed some issues regarding item icons.
  • Fixed the issue where you could not maintain fire rings.
  • Fixed the issue where vehicles would sometimes become non-interactable after parts were removed from them.
  • Fixed the issue where some items would clip through fingers.
  • Fixed the issue where you can use portable stoves to cook underwater.
  • Fixed the issue where some world wells would not function properly.
  • Fixed the bug where players would still have items in their hands when interacting with car doors instead of stowing them away or dropping them.
  • Fixed the issue where fireplaces would become unusable if players moved away from them.
  • Fixed the issue where generators would not turn off when placed in chests.
  • Fixed the issue where characters would lose skill levels/experience.
  • Fixed the issue where items would sometimes show a destroyed indicator when they shouldn't.
  • Fixed the issue where weapons with 0% durability would disappear when placed in vehicles.

SCUM Patch 0.8.510.68662 is available on PC.

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