SCUM: Latest Content Patch Introduced Burn Damage and More

Patch 0.8.530.70162 Gamepires

Are you afraid of fire in SCUM? If not, you should be! Patch 0.8.530.70162 introduced a new mechanic that will burn you to death if you get too close to fire for long periods.

Going through fire or burning ground will now damage your character in SCUM. The wounds that you'll get depend on the temperature of the heat source, as well as your length of exposure.

If not treated properly, you will experience the following:

  • C1 (First-degree burns): Reduced DEX stat.
  • C2 (Second-degree burns): Reduced DEX stat, weakness.
  • C3 (Third-degree burns): Reduced DEX stat, weakness, dizziness.
Burn Damage Gamepires

So, how exactly do you treat burns? Burn Gel is also added and it's specifically meant for treating burnt skin. There's one lootable, but you can also craft some. When you suffer from burns, immediately apply the Burn Gel to the affected area to stabilize wounds quicker.

Burn Gel Gamepires

Another major change in this update is that you can now strip your vehicle down to its bare minimum, and each part now takes individual damage. If the car door gets damaged, for example, you can strip that off and the vehicle would still be usable.


New Items

  • Glass Shiv
    • Yep, it is a prison island after all. And every good prison needs a couple of shiv options. Got some extra glass lying around and no knife options? Well, now you do.
  • Medium Battery Charger
    • Supposed to release on the previous patch but unfortunately was not ready then. But it is now, so here you go, you have another battery charger available for crafting.

Quality of Life

  • Adjusted expiration rates for some ingredients.
  • Sentries will now drop killbox cards.
  • Killbox cards can now be looted from cargo drops.
  • Server admins can now add killbox cards to trader shops.
  • Medical lockers now guarantee at least 1 item.
  • Medical lockers now have antibiotics in their spawn pool.
  • In game time will now have a chat notification as well for the player checking the watch.
  • CRAP ammo can now damage sentries.
  • Disabled the ability for players to open chat box when in minigame UI.
  • Wooden crossbow bolts will no longer spawn in the world.
  • You can no longer use NVG goggles with scopes.
  • Added a shortcut for turning on Vampyr scope, default is CTRL+N.
  • You can no longer add holstered weapons (weapons on back) to quick access.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue where battery chargers had no weight.
  • Fixed the issue where on some items wrong icons would show.
  • Fixed the issue where some cargo drops produced the wrong items.
  • Fixed several issues regarding vehicle battery drain.
  • Fixed the issue where some crafting recipes would not apply ingredients correctly.

SCUM Patch 0.8.530.70162 is available on PC.

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