Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release Date Back To Mid-August? Why Early Launches May Continue To Compete With iPhone 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 standing sideways with folio case
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 standing sideways with folio case Fionna Agomuoh

Many rumors indicate Samsung will have a very interesting 2017. Speculations suggest the coming Galaxy S8 smartphone may release in a standalone event in April rather than at Mobile World Congress in February in Barcelona. Could this in turn mean the manufacturer’s fall flagship will also see a later release? Let’s consider the possibilities.

Overall, it is likely Samsung will take its time with the development of all 2017 flagships. However, with Apple’s completely revamped, 10th anniversary edition, iPhone 8 also is scheduled to release in 2017, consumers can expect special attention paid to both the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors Lean Toward Later Launch

In response to rumors of an early release for the Galaxy S8, Samsung officials indicated that future release cycles were determined before the Galaxy Note 7 was even announced. They hinted at a unique plan, already in place for the Galaxy S8 and said changing the release date was “realistically impossible.” They did not give any indication of when the device would be available.

But if rumors of an April announcement for the Galaxy S8 are true, it would be an unprecedented move for Samsung. Galaxy S devices have traditionally been announced between February and March, in accordance with MWC. In recent years, the manufacturer has used a faster development cycle to get handsets on the market sooner after being announced. The 2016 Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge released in early March, the earliest launch date for any Galaxy S device.

Overall, S devices tend to already be hitting stores by April, not just being unveiled. An April launch may push the actual in-store availability of the device to much later; possibly late April or even May, even if Samsung maintains some of its speedy development.

Galaxy Note Is Now A Summer Flagship

However, Samsung may find it can’t be as flexible with when it releases the Galaxy Note 8. In the past, Galaxy Note devices saw September announcements in accordance with the IFA conference in Berlin, and market availability in late-September to mid-October.

In 2015 and 2016, Samsung used IFA to announce its flagship smartwatches, while pushing the Galaxy Note launches up to August. This also served as a way to get its devices on the market before Apple announced its yearly iPhone flagships.

Pundits have noted that the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 was announced nearly two weeks earlier than the Galaxy Note 5, on Aug. 2 compared to Aug. 13. Assuming that handsets were more or less assembled and ready for shipping at the time of the device’s unveiling, Samsung robbed itself of vital time, which could have possibly saved the entire Galaxy Note 7 fleet. This is an error that likely won’t be repeated. Samsung may find itself more cautious about setting Galaxy Note 8 release dates, even if Galaxy S release dates vary wildly.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Ideal Launch Window

Still, Samsung may have a rather small summer window to launch the Galaxy Note 8. The manufacturer will likely want to have it on the market ahead of the iPhone 8, which will likely be announced during the second week of September. Additionally, Samsung will likely want the Galaxy Note 8 on sale ahead of IFA, so it can be showcased alongside its corresponding wearables. IFA takes place from Sept. 1 to 6 in 2017.

Samsung’s only other alternative would be to once again have the Galaxy Note launch overlap with Apple’s iPhone launch. This seems unlikely, considering Samsung pushed the launch for the Galaxy Note 4 in 2014 to an earlier period in September, after the device had already been announced with an October release date. The manufacturer made the change following the launch of the iPhone 6, which got considerable consumer attention due to its revamped design. Rumors similarly suggest a new design for the iPhone 8 among other features.

Additionally, after three iPhone models released with similar designs, many Apple fans have decided to wait until the iPhone 8 for an upgrade. Samsung will likely still want to take a chance with an August release to nab prospective iPhone 8 users ahead of Apple’s announcement.

Based on these observations, we would not be surprised to see Samsung opt for a mid-August announcement and late-August market launch for the Galaxy Note 8, similar to that of the Galaxy Note 5 release.

Future Of Galaxy Note Line

At this time, no details about Samsung’s 2017 flagships are confirmed, but consumers should feel confident that something will replace the Galaxy Note 7 in 2017. Samsung won’t ignore the fact that users enjoyed the Galaxy Note 7 and owners were extremely hesitant to return handsets, despite the risk of fire and injury. Some rumors suggest Samsung may rebrand the Galaxy Note line under a new name to separate future devices from the Galaxy Note 7.

Reports suggest Samsung may offer deals to former Galaxy Note 7 owners, allowing them to get Galaxy S8 and/or Galaxy Note 8 handsets for free or for a significant discount.

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