Samsung Galaxy Note 8 2017 Release Date May Include Battery By LG

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in blue
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in blue Fionna Agomuoh

As Samsung attempts to move on from its folly with the Galaxy Note 7, reports suggest the manufacturer’s next flagship phablet may include batteries made by LG. Samsung may collaborate with its fellow Korean manufacturer on this component to put as much space as possible between the rumored device and its predecessor, according to The Investor

While Samsung is currently focused on the upcoming Galaxy S8 launch, the manufacturer is surely making provisions for its other 2017 device. Samsung said it has concluded its investigation of the Galaxy Note 7 defect; however, it has not yet published its in-house findings. A third-party investigator claims the space inside the Galaxy Note 7, which housed its battery was took small for the cell, which caused extreme pressure and eventually spontaneous combustion.

This report from the teardown publication Instrumental claims there was nothing inherently wrong with the Galaxy Note 7 battery, but rather it was a design defect that affected the battery.

Still, in the early days of the Galaxy Note 7 recall, Samsung switched the devices’ battery from a Samsung SDI cell to a battery from Chinese supplier, Amperex Technology. Samsung was forced to discontinue the Galaxy Note 7 when handsets housing batteries from the second manufacturer also began to explode.

Samsung and LG Chem, LG’s battery subsidiary, are still in talks, but the deal is about 90 percent to completion, according to the Slash Gear. Samsung may also once again consider batteries from Amperex Technology. At this time no reports about the Galaxy Note 8 can be confirmed.

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