Samsung Galaxy Note 8 2017 Specs And Features: What To Expect And Early Rumors

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 camera app
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 camera app Fionna Agomuoh

The release of Samsung’s next fall flagship may be many months away, but the rumor mill has already begun churning, speculating how the manufacturer will follow it’s failed Galaxy Note 7.

Not much is known about the successor smartphone, but there are murmurs circulating about how Samsung will develop this device. Check out some early rumors and speculations about the Galaxy Note 8.

Battery by LG

A recent report suggests Samsung may collaborate with LG subsidiary, LG Chem to supply batteries for the Galaxy Note 8. Though independent investigations determined the Galaxy Note 7 battery was not faulty, the issue with the device involved its battery. Samsung may use a new supplier separate the association between the Galaxy S8 ans a

Samsung used batteries from its own SDI subsidiary in original Galaxy Note 7 handsets, then switched to the supplier Amperex Technology amid the recall. Reports indicate Samsung may use batteries from LG Chem and Amperex on the Galaxy Note 8.

New Name

Many tech pundits have suggested that Samsung could or should kill the Galaxy Note branding completely and release the device under a new name. While not an official rumor, the notion surfaced during the initial Galaxy Note 7 recall, when NH Investment & Securities analyst Lee Sae-cheol suggested Samsung should rename the Galaxy Note 7 as the Galaxy Note 7s, with the “s” denoting “safe.” Ultimately this did not happen as the Galaxy Note 7 was discontinued completely.

Curved Display

Samsung’s is expected to use its dual-edge display design on all future flagships. While the display is not exactly a functional feature, consumers tend to appreciate it from an aesthetic point of view. Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 7 by itself with a dual-edge display instead of releasing one flat model and one curved model, which many saw as a hint of Samsung phasing out flat displays. Rumors also suggest Samsung may release two Galaxy S8 models in the spring, both with curved displays.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Features

Samsung often includes features from its prior flagship in upcoming smartphones. So once the Galaxy S8 is confirmed, it will likely contain many features soon to be seen on the Galaxy Note 8. Features currently rumored for the Galaxy S8 include a dual-camera system, a no-bezel display, no home button, among many others.

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