Runescape Master Clue Scroll Anagram & Action Solutions: Solve Latest Riddles With These Cheats

Runescape devs dropped another fun update Monday morning, which includes tons of new Master clue scroll anagrams and "complete an action" puzzles. Below we’ve put together a growing list of solutions for solving Master scroll anagrams and “complete an action” puzzles. Athough the list isn’t complete yet, we’ve got a pretty good start. As we find more solutions, we’ll continue to add them to the lists below. If you’ve found a puzzle or solution we haven’t listed feel free to post in the comments or email them to and we’ll add them to the list -- with a hat tip to you of course, for sharing.

Happy Puzzling!

runescape master clue scroll anagram solver action puzzles answers solutions cheats tips hints guide
Need help solving a new Runescape master clue scroll anagram or complete an action puzzle? Check out our growing list of Scroll Clue answers and solutions, here. Photo: Player.One

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Runescape Anagram Solver: New Solutions To Latest Clue Scrolls

runescape master clue scroll anagram solver all solutions action puzzles answers cheats tips hints guide
Runescape added a ton of new anagrams to solve in their latest clue scroll update. Photo: Reddit
  • Anagram: Age allows a new perspective is this vital place TABOO RISES SHYLY

  •    Solution: Soothsayer Sybil

  • Anagram: AMAETHWR or Ah; wet arm

    • Clue: If distracted from their work

    • Solution: Farmer in Lletya

  • Anagram: With her age, it's no surprise to HEAR A LADY RANT

    • Solution:  Lady Trahaearn

  • Anagram: I SAW THE LIE

  • Anagram: A PURE GLOW

    • Clue: The cabbage diet must work because he has a pure glow

    • Solution: Paul Gower , Altar of Life

  • Anagram:  O EASTERN WISHES

  • Anagram: WINSOME LAD

  • Anagram: This lady wants me to find ancient scrollsERGO I DIG CLAY

    • Solution: Celia Diggory (The Digsite)


  • Anagram: PIN HEIR ALL IN ONE PLACE - Young but stylish

    • Solution: Phillipe Carnillean (Ardougne)

  • Anagram: His job leaves him kind of HATED

    • Solution: Death

  • Anagram: This anagram reveals who to speak to next: Master of the elements, he may REIGN US IF IMMORTAL

  • Anagram: He often preaches of REBIRTH QUAINTLY ROT

    • Solution: Brother Tranquility (Mos Le'Harmless)


Runescape ‘Complete The Action’ Master Scroll Riddle Solutions

runescape master clue scroll action riddle answers anagram solver all puzzles solutions cheats tips hints guide
New complete an action puzzles appear in Runescapes latest scroll clue overhaul. Photo: Player.One
  • Riddle : Charm me and I shall unlock. But be brave in the darkness.

  • Riddle : There are those who prove themselves and become a beacon of light in the darkness. Come to the crystal city and become that figure

  • Riddle : There is a temple where there are rivers of red. Bind the magic to get ahead.

  • Riddle : In a station of power someone requires assistance, do a good deed to spread some happiness.

  • Riddle : Catching only one shark. That don't impress me much

    • Solution : Catch two sharks at once (any fishing location)

  • Riddle : Round and round we go, burning, burning all aglow

  • Riddle : I am head of the abbey with a cold breeze from the west.

  • Riddle : Keeping all your gold together. That's a good idea. It shall be mine.

  • Riddle : Being open to chaos can raise your defenses. it may also bring you closer to death, take a moment to bottle this feeling

  • Riddle : I have all the ingredients for soup but sometimes a simple meal tastes the best.

  • Riddle :A view of the city from high above.I can hear their prayers below

  • Riddle : The Spell struck me in the chest. Perhaps if I had worn armour today. Black looks better than red.

  • Riddle : Rumours of a great white shark continue to spread, catch me one and i'll be fed.

  • Riddle : Ernie once mentioned to me a secret to improve my cooking. His idea was strong but I went the extra mile.

  • Riddle : My name's a tirade, fishing is my trade, by the docks is where my fortune is made.

    • Solution : Gerrant in Port Sarim.

  • Riddle : Crossing the desert I met a crocodile. She gave me a dazzling smile but she had something in her teeth

  • Riddle : Magical energy gloats unleashed. The fluid of life that flows through us all. Span the gap to capture this energy.

  • Riddle : I once met an ancient warrior who told me tales of his adventures. his eyes lit up as he spoke

  • Riddle :The crystals tempt most however, there are other riches to gain for the quick-fingered

  • Riddle : Those things I once held dear, continue to fade. I look upon her face and barely know, who she is. But her eyes... They're still so Radiant.

  • Riddle : Where there is light there is also death. should you contain this you may progress.

  • Riddle : Corruption seeps from this stone but there are those who work to cleanse it. lend your voice

  • Riddle: There are those who prove themselves and become a beacon of light in the darkness. Come to the crystal city and become that figure.

  • Riddle: Rowdy Unruly Boisterous I am pie

  • Riddle: the spell struck me in the chest. Perhaps if I had worn armour today. Black looks better than red.

  • Riddle: Complete this action to solve the clue: Head protection is never a bad thing. Make it from rune for the best chance of survival.

  • Riddle: Take the journey to a distant mining site. Become a blight to your foes

  • Riddle: The God of Order requires a sacrifice of strength but in return restores me. If only we could keep that feeling in his absence.

    • Solution: Make a Saradomin Brew.

  • Riddle: Complete the action to solve the clue: I once met a man returning from market. He showed me the spoils of his day. It's precious to see what people pay for

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