Rune Factory 5 is Set to Arrive in North America Next Year

Finally coming to the US.
Finally coming to the US. XSEED Games

Rune Factory 5 is finally coming to North America on March 22 next year. This was announced during the Nintendo Direct special stream held last week. It will be released on Nintendo Switch.

The game was released in Japan back in May of this year. It also follows Rune Factory 4, launched in the region back in 2012.

In the game, players take on the role of a hero who lost their memory and has landed in a small town that seems blessed by nature. While there, the hero is recruited to SEED, an organization composed of peacekeeping rangers.

Because of this, the hero does additional duties like investigating rune-related mysteries and even rounding up those rowdy monsters. Other tasks players can do are embarking on fishing expeditions, growing crops on a dragon’s back, and prospecting the mountains for ore. There are even local festivals to join.

The game offers some new features like brand-new link attacks and co-op cooking. There are also relationships that players can foster with townsfolk. For example, there are twelve marriage candidates the hero can choose from. As they grow closer to these characters, they learn more about them through various storylines. It can reach a point when the hero can propose, get married, and start a family. Making things interesting is, for the first time in the series, that players can select any of the twelve eligible marriage candidates regardless of gender.

Overall, key features of the game are:

  • Adventure Awaits
    • Saddle a monster mount and head out into the wilderness and explore ancient ruins and tranquil forests. Players can even go inside a volcano.
  • ​Gardener Guardian
    • Select from seven weapon types and fight with a maximum of three companions.
    • After a day of fighting, exchange swords with farm tools to grow different crops.
  • Never A Dull Moment
    • Participate in different contests like cooking, crafting, and fishing.
    • Enjoy stargazing and flower-viewing during one of the many seasonal festivals.
  • Find Your Special Someone
    • Date one of twelve eligible marriage candidates and learn more about them by finishing their unique storyline.
    • Don’t forget to pop the question and begin your very own family.

The game is rated “T for Teen.”

What do you think? Excited about this one?

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