Rumbleverse: New Special Moves Added in Mid-Season Update

Mid-Season Update
Mid-Season Update Twitter/@Rumbleverse

Rumbleverse is a third-person brawler battle royale where you go around the city and beat other champions that you come across. Unlike most battle royale games, Rumbleverse specializes in melee combat instead of firearms. You can throw punches, perform grabs, and even use different weapons to whack your opponents.

The first Mid-Season Update for the game has been launched recently. Update v106540 brings tons of new content, including new special moves and weapons.

Special moves in Rumbleverse are learnable moves via magazines that drop from opponents or Loot Crates that you find around the map. Only two special moves can be equipped at a time. That said, the Mid-Season Update adds new Epic special moves.

The first is Divekick, a special move that can be performed by pressing the appropriate button on the way up for an early version of the move, or at the peak of a jump for a Perfect Divekick.

The second special move is the Super IzunaDrop. Unlike the other IzunaDrop variants, the Super IzunaDrop is an “aimable” grab because of how high you spin the opponents up in the air.

Update v106540 also features new weapons. Here’s a complete rundown:

  • Added Golf Club family of weapons
    • Comes in Common, Rare, and Epic varieties
    • The Strike Combo will faceplant the opponent, stunning them long enough for you to land a Vicious Attack.
    • The Vicious Attack charges up a Shot Power gauge. Press the button again in the zone to score a Nice Shot!
  • Added Golf Bag weapon
    • When destroyed, it will drop some Golf Clubs
  • Added Steel Pipe weapon
    • This is a higher rarity of the Wooden Plank moveset
  • Added Epic tier Chair, Metal Chair
    • This does high Stamina Damage
  • Added Epic tier Bat, Cricket Bat
    • The second hit of the weapon Strike combo bounces the opponent and allows for a Vicious follow-up.
  • Added Keybat weapon
    • This is the rarest item in the game, and the most powerful weapon
    • Use it to perform stylish and damaging combos or devastating drop attacks.
    • Press Quick Throw to toss out an energy projectile… or charge it up!
    • Hold Interact in the air to glide!
    • What is the purpose of this powerful and mysterious artifact? Rumble Scholars are investigating as we speak…

The new Keybat weapon deserves a special mention because you can perform a string of combos that ultimately lead to a grab like the IzunaDrop for massive damage.

So, what do you think? Do you like the special moves and weapons added in the Mid-Season Update?

Rumbleverse is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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