Roseanne Reboot To Return On ABC, Ugh

Yay. ABC

Oh hell yeah. Roseanne is back. And this time everyone’s old. The gang’s all here. All the players from everyone’s favorite pre-9/11 sitcom Roseanne, are coming back for the most anticipated revival since Ben-Hur. Even Johnny Galecki is returning as David, even though he’s pretty busy these days staring in CBS’s The Big Bang Theory, a sitcom about scientists that can’t talk to girls.

Haha, those guys rule! ABC released a statement regarding the aim of the new show: “the reboot aims to explore life, death and everything in between through the relatable, hilarious and brutally honest lens of the Conner household."

Neato! It sounds like ABC plans to use this Roseanne reboot to cynically capitalize on nostalgia culture… I mean pose interesting questions about life and death? I can dig that, because sitcoms shouldn’t just be about hilarious morons screaming at each other, they should also moralize and teach us stuff about death.

I’m pumped to learn about death from the ABC rebooted sitcom Roseanne, especially from a cast that’s so old now. Entertainment Weekly reports that the producers behind the show made sure the sets were as close to the original as possible, because remember? Man, this reboot is gonna be lit AF.

The show already has a release date! March 27, 2018. Mark your calendars, motherfuckers. Roseanne is back and she’s older. Man, Full House is back with Fuller House! Sabrina is back! And now Roseanne! Word on the street is Chuck Lorre is currently working on a reboot of Amos and Andy, with Leslie Jones and Ben Carson reported to be in the lead for the roles. Fingers crossed.

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