Roguelite RPG The Unliving Secures Team17 As A Publisher

An action-filled adventure that allows players to play as a Necromancer.
Team17 will be publishing The Unliving, a roguelite action RPG for PC in 2021.
Team17 will be publishing The Unliving, a roguelite action RPG for PC in 2021. Team17

Developer RocketBrush Studio has just confirmed that their upcoming dark fantasy roguelite action RPG title The Unliving will be backed by publishing company Team17. The game is set to release in 2021 for PC via Steam.

In a press release, RocketBrush Studio founder Aleks Rublev stated in that “The Unliving is the first title RocketBrush Studio has developed in its entirety as a team, and we’re thrilled to have Team17 on board to help us realize the vision we have for this ambitious undead title. We can’t wait for players to be able to experience commanding an increasingly powerful army of the dead to crush their enemies on the scale we’ve created in game.”

Max Everingham, head of publishing at Team17, added in the release that “bringing The Unliving to our ever-expanding and creative stable of games at Team17 underlines our commitment to support great games and help studios realize their ambitions. RocketBrush Studio already has a track record for delivering distinctive in-game art assets for developers, and now it’s their turn to create a game themselves. The Unliving’s combination of real-time strategy, roguelite, and RPG gameplay promises a brand-new experience for players looking to test their skills.”

Aside from The Unliving, Team17 is also known for publishing other indie titles such as Overcooked and Overcooked 2, Golf with your Friends, and Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair.

The Unliving is a roguelite title that puts players in the role of a fearsome Necromancer. The plot revolves around the Necromancer’s quest to find out the truth about his past and discover the nature of his immortality. Players have the ability to slay enemies using the Necromancer’s weapons. Once they’re dead, enemies can be resurrected to do the players bidding and can be formed into your very own undead army. In typical roguelite fashion, the world is procedurally generated with different arrays of creatures, artifacts, secret rooms, and deadly traps. Discover secrets, uncover the mysteries of necromancy, slay a number of unique enemies, resurrect them to do your bidding, rinse and repeat, with each playthrough guaranteeing a different experience from the last.

The Unliving is set to release for PC via Steam in 2021.

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