Rogue Shift: Update v0.2022.004 Brings Improvements and Bug Fixes

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Rogue Shift is a top-down shooter game with some rogue-lite elements and character progression. Your mission? To survive on a harsh planet at all costs! Update v0.2022.004 is now available and it brings tons of improvements and bug fixes.

First of all, the developers have made some improvements to Collision Avoidance. For instance, your enemies will now pack tightly to increase horde density. The AI is also improved to prevent any overlapping issues.

Besides that, you should be more mindful about your HP as the automatic use of a Nano-Med from your inventory to prevent a death blow now comes with a 50% reduced healing penalty. This change would force you to use your Nano-Meds manually to heal up when needed.

Update Highlights

  • Your character's Stats, Level, and Perks are now shown on the character select screen
  • Added a gameplay tip to the main menu (right-hand side) to explain the above auto-heal penalty
  • Added a story mode tutorial message to explain the above auto-heal penalty
  • Sand Bug enemy now has an animated launch attack, instead of just moving forward with very little visible animation
  • Launch attacks of enemies (sand bug and scorpion) are now more accurate and a bit less likely to fall short of their target
  • Nearby shops are now shown on the HUD radar. If multiple shops are in the area, only the nearest one is shown
  • Collision Avoidance
    • Large enemies will now also avoid nearby enemies, removing the issue with multiple large enemies overlapping the same position
    • Enemies are now less likely to walk straight into obstacles
    • Some jittery enemy motion has been improved
  • Changed the desktop icon so that it has a solid background. This makes the icon visible on bright backgrounds
  • Fixed an issue where enemies could cause multiple launch attack hits on the target during the same frame
  • Fixed an issue where toppled barrels were not targeted correctly and your bullets went over them
  • Fixed label "Texture Resolution" in graphics settings
  • Added the W.O.R.M. (boss) to the Enemy Codex
  • Added more space to the Enemy Codex UI so that all enemies' info can be shown
  • Moved barrels in zones 2 and 5 of Edge of Doom so that they don't overlap with loot locations

Rogue Shift Update v0.2022.004 is now available on PC.

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