Rogue Legacy 2: Zap Enemies with Mjolnir in Swan Song Update

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The last major content patch for Rogue Legacy 2 is here. The Swan Song update introduced three new Fabled Weapons - one of which can zap enemies with the thunderous fury of Odin.

New Fabled Weapons

Rogue Legacy 2 players can use three new Fabled Weapons, courtesy of the Swan Song update. The Mjolnir is a new weapon that can be aimed and thrown at enemies for massive damage. What's more, it can stick to solid terrain and deal magic damage over time until it returns to the player by pressing the attack button again.

Although cute on the surface, the new Dragon Puppet holds a terrifying power. This weapon allows players to joust multiple times in mid-air! It can even be charged up to ensure a skill crit for more damage. While the Dragon Puppet is certainly fun to use, it does have a deadly downside in that players take 35% more damage from enemy attacks. Be careful when using this one!

Surf's up, dudes! The last Fabled Weapon in the Swan Song update is simply called the Surfboard. Players can use this to glide through the battlefield and smash enemies they come across with. The beauty of the Surfboard is that players not only look cool while riding it, but also deal massive damage via skill crits.

Patch Notes


  • Blasting Wand (Redesigned)
    • (Buff) Projectile range of the wand has been increased by about 33%.
    • (Buff) Projectile size has been increased by 50%.
    • (Buff) Projectile now explodes on the first enemy it hits. This will make it easier to push enemies back, giving the Mage space to sling spells.
    • (Buff) Charged Status Effect duration raised from 3 to 5 seconds.
    • (Nerf) Explosion damage down slightly.
    • (Removed) Explosion indicator removed to clean up UI.
  • Shield (Tweak)
    • Relics that reset (or break) on hit now reset if the player blocks with the Shield unless the block is a perfect block.
  • Frying Pan (Buff)
    • Charged Status Effect duration raised from 3 to 5 seconds.
    • Damage increased from 150% to 165%.
    • Mana Regen increased from 15 Mana per hit to 20.
  • Stew (Buff)
    • Healing increased from 200% to 225%.
    • Mana Regen raised from 100 to 150.
  • Crow Storm (Redesign)
    • Now grants Flight.
    • Range reduced significantly.
    • No longer applies knockback.
    • Damage reduced from 110% to 85%.
    • Now will always fire 2 crows minimum, technically doubling damage on single targets. This damage is unreliable due to its movement arc pattern, making it not as useful against basic enemies but still effective on bosses.
    • Crow Storm now changes its rate of fire when the player has Heavy Stone Bargain, as opposed to triggering a cooldown (like the Pistol).
  • Bard - Lute (Mega Buff)
    • Notes now update dynamically based on the INT from Dance Stacks. This means you can keep Spin Kicking your Notes and gaining that sweet sweet damage bonus.
  • Spin Kick (Buff)
    • Rewrote Critical Damage calculations for Spin Kicks so that they now behave the same way as every other damage source. This should overall result in Spin Kick Critical Strikes dealing more damage.
    • Spin Kicking while dashing now triggers a Critical Strike.

Rogue Legacy 2 Swan Song update is now available on PC.

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