Rogue Legacy 2: The Fabled Heroes Update Now Live, Adds New Spells and Fabled Weapons

The Fabled Heroes Update
The Fabled Heroes Update Cellar Door Games

After several months without a patch, Cellar Door Games has finally released a new update for its roguelike action platformer, Rogue Legacy 2, and it’s pretty big. The Fabled Heroes Update brings a lot of new weapons and spells to RL2. Read further to learn more.

New Fabled Weapons

For those who don’t know, Fabled Weapons in Rogue Legacy 2 are weapons with unique attacks, though they come with certain drawbacks as well.

In The Fabled Heroes Update, several new Fabled Weapons are now up for grabs. One of the most notable is the Stygian Sharpshooters, a new ranged weapon with rounds that can bounce off objects. This is best used when the projectiles are fired at an angle because it can potentially hit enemies multiple times in one go.

Those who prefer using a weapon with more firepower can turn to the new Brigands. This powerful blunderbuss can deal significant damage, though players will have to be a bit closer to the enemy for maximum effect.

Here are the other new Fabled Weapons introduced in this patch:

  • Lich King/Queens Crow Storm Staff
    • The fan favorite from Rogue Legacy 1 returns. Wield the power of the almighty Crow Storm staff and turn your foes into bird food - magic bird food!
  • Demon Tamers
    • Let the monsters fight for you! Partner up with the umbrella-shaped Kasa-Obake and Mary Poppins your way to victory.
  • Eventide Spymasters
    • Poison your foes as you strike from the shadows with these new weapons borne from the teeth of a certain dragon.

New Spells

The beauty of Rogue Legacy 2 is that players can also use different spells to eliminate their foes. A couple of spells have been added in the game’s recent update, which can help bolster the players’ offensive and defensive repertoire.

The first one is an offensive spell called Lucent Beam. This is a channeling spell where players can fire a beam of light at their enemies. It deals critical damage when the spell is channeled for at least 1.5 seconds.

The second spell is a good mix of offense and defense. The Shield of Thorns provides players with a shield that can destroy any mid-sized projectiles. The shield breaks on enemy contact and knocks them away when it does. Enemies knocked away get the Spore Burst status effect.

So, what can you say about the new spells and weapons introduced in Rogue Legacy 2 The Fabled Heroes Update?

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