Rogue Legacy 2: Patch v1.0.4 Buffs the Bard Class

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The eccentric Bard is buffed in the latest update for Rogue Legacy 2. Although it is one of the most complex classes in the game, the Bard can deal huge amounts of damage when you play the notes right.

The Bard’s weapon of choice is the Lute. It can create musical notes that deal damage periodically to enemies within range. Plus, the notes created by this weapon can be spin-kicked by the Bard to create an explosion, which scales with intelligence (INT). In Patch v1.0.4, the Lute is now capable of destroying mid-sized projectiles. You can create a musical fortress around you and spin-kick the notes to detonate and deal heavy damage to enemies. To balance this new effect, the dev team reduced the damage scaling of Lute Explosion to 185% INT (from 200%).

The Bard’s Crescendo talent also received some buffs. Originally, the Bard shouts and deals 175% damage to enemies within range and transforms mid-sized projectiles into roses. In this update, the roses or “Crescendo Notes” will now destroy mid-sized projectiles that were not transformed by the talent. Moreover, if one note gets transformed, all of the following projectiles get destroyed in the process. And oh, Crescendo now causes knockback to give the Bard some breathing room if enemies start swarming in.

The other changes in Patch v1.0.4 for Rogue Legacy 2 can be found below:

  • Bridge Biome Burden (Nerf)
    • Cannon balls are now randomly spread, and fire in sets of 4 instead of 5.
    • Fire rate reduced significantly.
  • Forest Biome Burden (Nerf)
    • Ice Nightmares’ "Detection Radius" reduced by 40%.
  • Study Biome Burden (Nerf)
    • Wave Attack fire rate reduced significantly.
  • Tower Biome Burden (Nerf)
    • Lancers now always attack in sets of 2, instead of randomly between 1 to 2.
    • Spawn rate reduced significantly.
  • Cave Biome Burden (Nerf)
    • Blades spawn rate reduced significantly.
  • Moved Irad Prime’s Memories to be more visible after defeating him.
  • Extended Tower’s top platforms for easier transitions.
  • Fixed bug where certain status effects (like Combo) were not stacking with the Astromancer's Blackhole.
  • Fixed bug where Jumping and Rolling on the same frame would sometimes result in the player not animating when walking.
  • Fixed bug where Traitor and Study Prime bosses were awarding the player with the same amount of Gold, Ore, and Aether as their non-Prime versions.
  • Fixed bug where entering the Golden Doors was not saving the state of the Castle entrance room (causing a potential gold exploit).
  • Fixed bug where persistent projectiles (Ax Spinner) would accumulate Combo stacks twice as fast.

Rogue Legacy 2 Patch v1.0.4 is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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