Rogue Legacy 2: The Fabled Heroes Update Applies Major Changes to Burdens and New Game+

The Fabled Heroes Update
The Fabled Heroes Update Cellar Door Games

The Fabled Heroes Update for Rogue Legacy 2 is now available on all platforms. This update applies huge changes to Burdens and the New Game+ (NG+), with a major focus on making the entire process smoother than before.

New Game+ is a feature in Rogue Legacy 2 that lets you repeat the entire playthrough, but with your experience and upgrades intact. When entering NG+, the game requires you to select Burdens before you continue. These are a set of challenges that make the game harder but with a promise of better rewards.

In the most recent patch, you’re going to get a gold bonus for every Burden that you add to your current NG+ run. This enables you to purchase new equipment and rune upgrades faster, thus giving you the power necessary to tackle harder content early.

Speaking of Burdens, there are new ones added in The Fables Heroes Update. They are:

  • Burden of Drain: Reduce the power of Lifesteal and Soulsteal as you delve deeper into NG+ and beyond.
  • Burden of Black Root: Take the challenge to the next level with this new Burden that puts a limit on the number of times you can be hit. Defeat foes to regain your energy, and show off your true dodging skills with this new 2 cost Burden.
  • Unlock All Burdens: Added a new button at the bottom of the Timeline that allows players to immediately unlock NG+7 and all Burdens. This option is irreversible but allows players to instantly access the True Ending if they’re up to the challenge.

Aside from the changes made to New Game+, the developers have also made some tweaks to certain biomes and rooms found in Rogue Legacy 2. Here are some of them:

  • 100+ Rooms have been modified or tweaked to fix bad enemy spawn points, add more variety to the encounter, or to just tweak props.
  • More Gold: A 20% Gold bonus has been added to the Caves to encourage players to dive deeper into this dangerous biome. This helps it better tie together with the other hazard-heavy biomes like the Sun Tower and Axis Mundi.
  • More Info: Added a note at the Cave entrance explaining the Gold bonus.
  • Reduced Size: The Cave is now smaller. Should make doing full clears less exhausting.
  • Improved Rewards: The Cave will now “almost” always generate 5 bonus rooms within the Biome. This is a LOT of bonus rooms.
  • Reduced Size: Tower is now slightly shorter. Should make doing full clears less exhausting.
  • Improved Rewards: Tower will now “almost” always generate 4 bonus rooms within the biome.
  • Void Bounce Platforms Rehauled: Reduced the speed and bounce height of Void Bounce Platforms to give players more time to orient themselves after a boost.
  • Room Rehauled: Increased the cloud spacing for every room in the Sun Tower to give players a few extra milliseconds of reaction time, and to provide a bit more space to play. Also updated all of the rooms to make sure they worked with the new Void Bounce heights.

Rogue Legacy 2 The Fabled Heroes Update is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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