Uphold the Law with New RoboCop Game in the Works

Anyone call the paramedic?
Anyone call the paramedic? Nacon

Game publisher Nacon announced that it had partnered with Metro Goldwyn Mayer to release a new RoboCop game. Titled RoboCop: Rogue City, it’s going to be based on the first three films of the sci-fi franchise. The game itself is to be developed by Teyon, the same studio responsible for Terminator: Resistance.

The game is expected to be released on PC and consoles sometime in 2023.

The Franchise

The first RoboCop film was directed by Paul Verhoeven, released in 1987. Set in the future, the film focuses on a police officer named Alex Murphy in crime-ridden Detroit. He is murdered by a group of criminals and later revived as a cyborg by the Omni Consumer Products. The film received positive reviews and its success spawned two sequels. Verhoeven didn’t return as director in the next two films. Also, star Peter Weller did not reprise his role in the third film.

A remake was released in 2014 but it received mixed reviews. A sequel was originally planned yet has been cancelled. There were also talks of a reboot which appeared to have been cancelled again.

The New Game

For those of you who are counting, that means by the time the game is released, the franchise would have celebrated its 35th anniversary. Nacon and Teyon promised that they are going to work with MGM to offer a genuine RoboCop game experience and one that’s faithful to the series.

In a statement, Nacon CEO Alain Falc shared that they are excited to partner with MGM to come up with a new vision for a popular series. He added that the game is more than a perfect fit in their goal to give a gaming experience that reaches the widest audience.

Robert Marick at MGM revealed that they are looking forward to not only bringing the franchise to gaming platforms but also offering a new story. Marick went on to say that they are hoping players can experience the complex storytelling and gripping action that the franchise is known for.

So what do you think? Excited for the game?

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