River City Girls: Misako Character Trailer Released

Just my kind of girl.
WayForward has released a character trailer for Misako, one of the two protagonists of River City Girls.
WayForward has released a character trailer for Misako, one of the two protagonists of River City Girls. WayForward Technologies

WayForward’s spinoff of the long-running River City series is getting quite the fanfare, as River City Girls brings back the enjoyable co-op beat-‘em brawler and gives it a spin – a waifu spin, that is. The game lets you play as one of two high-schoolers, Kyoko and Misako – who also happen to be girlfriends of the series’ regular protagonists Kunio and Riki – as they set about on a journey to rescue their boyfriends.

The teaser trailer was a hit with a lot of the series’ fans, as well as those who are fans of WayForward’s newest titles following their successful rerelease of Mighty Switch Force!, and a new Shantae currently in the works. Now, the American developer is sharing some more information in the form of a character trailer for Misako, who’s the girlfriend of Kunio. Check out the trailer below.

The trailer presents Misako as a waifu for the ages – a destructive and ultraviolent high-schooler who’s very passionate about Kunio, and maybe a bit more about just fighting thugs in general. The trailer shows some gameplay of Misako in action as she clobbers her way through various levels and beats up a variety of dudes – and ladies, too. At least she doesn’t discriminate.

It also reveals some very interesting information about the gameplay. River City Girls is being presented as this couch co-op experience that’s highly reminiscent of what the original River City series was all about. However, it looks like the game can also be played in single-player, as it shows some levels where Misako is the only player there. We also get to see how the girls will be able to acquire new moves to beat up their enemies. Jimmy, a character from the equally popular Double Dragon series, will be handling Dojo duties to sell fighting moves to the girls.

I do hope that WayForward reconsiders some things about the co-op, though. As it stands, River City Girls is only available to play in couch co-op, with no online co-op available, which could be a bummer for a lot of players.

River City Girls will be released for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on September 5.

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