Risk of Rain 2 Nerfs the Brittle Crown and Ben's Raincoat in Patch 1.2.3

Patch 1.2.3
Patch 1.2.3 Steam

Developers of the fun third-person shooter Risk of Rain 2 implemented nerfs to certain items, including the Brittle Crown and Ben’s Raincoat. Patch 1.2.3 also brings balancing adjustments to some enemies.

The Brittle Crown is a lunar item that, when equipped, gives you a 30% chance to gain gold when hitting an enemy. Originally, you surrender a portion of your gold when enemies hit you. The good thing, however, was that you can recoup the amount you’ve surrendered by killing the offender. In Patch 1.2.3, a fundamental change was made in that this item no longer grants gold to the enemy who hits, thus giving the Brittle Crown a clear downside unlike before.

Ben’s Raincoat is another item that got nerfed. Back then, this item made you immune to all debuffs, besides increasing your maximum HP. But now, it can only block one debuff per stack and no longer grants maximum health. Moreover, it now has a five-second internal cooldown, which kicks in after blocking a debuff successfully. Despite these changes, the developers don’t want Ben’s Raincoat to be unappealing to use, so they added a large barrier equal to 10% of your health when blocking a debuff.

Patch Notes

Void Seeds
  • Now cap at a maximum of 3 per map
  • Spawn less frequently with Artifact of Sacrifice enabled
  • Spawn less frequently on top of you when starting a new stage
Void Fiend
  • Corrupted skills are now lower priority than Heresy items, allowing Heresy items to override both versions of skills
Goobo Jr.
  • Damage Bonus: +70% > +200%
  • Health Bonus: +70% > +200%
Void Devastator
  • Max Health increased to 2,800 (+840 per level)
  • Armor increased to 20
  • Altered some planets in the Planetarium
  • Updated Captain’s Defense Matrix log to be granted by playing Captain
    • Updated Shipping Request Form to be blacklisted for enemies
    • Updated inventories to work with more than 255 items for mods with many items
    • Extended systems to support mods adding custom item tiers
    • Pluripotent Larva will no longer convert into items that are not available in the current run
  • Fixed Category Chests dropping a much smaller subset of items
  • Fixed a variety of issues relating to Heresy items losing or gaining stocks when swapping skills with other skills
  • Fixed Disposable Missile Launcher and Fireworks not triggering other missile effects, like AtG Missile and Plasma Shrimp
  • Fixed a few bugs with state-controlled debuffs (like Void Fiend’s Corrupted Flood) and Ben’s Raincoat causing those debuffs to be permanent

Risk of Rain 2 Patch 1.2.3 is available on the Nintendo Switch and PC.

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