Risk of Rain 2 Patch 1.2.2: Bug Fixes and Design Changes to Survivors of the Void DLC

Survivors of the Void Patch 1.2.2
Survivors of the Void Patch 1.2.2 Steam

The 3D, third-person shooter Risk of Rain 2 has received a new update that implements design changes to the Survivors of the Void DLC. Patch 1.2.2 also comes with plenty of bug fixes.

The Simulacrum is an arena mode that features endless waves of enemies - ranging from normal monsters to elite bosses that require plenty of skill and coordination to beat. That said, the developers have made some notable changes. For one, waves will now spawn more elites, with normal monsters less likely to come up than before. In addition, waves now skip if nothing has spawned for 60 seconds.

Void Seeds, introduced in the Survivors of the Void, are entities found on a stage that creates a dome of purple void fog. The developers admit that they are “chaotic and strange” by design, so they’ve made some tweaks. First, Void Seeds no longer spawn monsters over time. Second, they now have a clearer area indicator. And third, Void Seeds now mark enemies if there are three monsters or less on the map, giving you an indication of how many enemies you need to kill to advance.


  • Added Steam achievements for the DLC
  • Waves now have a limit of how many credits can be given out at once
  • Artifact of Kin will always spawn monsters, even if they are considered "cheap"
Void Seeds
  • Void Seeds no longer occasionally spawns normal, non-Voidtouched monsters
  • Void Seeds no longer spawn "naked" Void Infestors
  • Void Seeds now scale a lot slower over the duration of the run
  • Void Seeds now spawn elite affixes (like Overloading and Mending) less frequently for its Void
  • monsters
  • Void Seeds now spawn Void Caches with Sacrifice enabled
Prismatic Trials
  • Now has Survivors of the Void permanently enabled, even for non-DLC owners
  • Ignite effects, like Blazing elites and Artificer’s Flame Bolt, now deal 50% of its damage over time as ignite
Void Fog
  • Void fog damage now ignores armor, Tougher Times, Armor Plating, and Planula
  • Void fog damage now slowly ramps up over time as long as you remain in the fog
Void Fiend
  • Drown (Corrupted) now scales the number of damage ticks with attack speed
  • Suppress (Corrupted) no longer marks you as the attacker for its self-damage - meaning it won’t proc items on yourself like Crowbar, etc.
Void Fields
  • Percent health damage reduced to 2.5%
  • Fixed Remote Caffeinator DLC equipment being locked permanently
  • Fixed weird momentum and velocity behavior after falling out-of-bounds and teleporting back
  • Fixed clients who disconnect and then reconnect being stuck spectating
  • Fixed hosts not being able to create new multiplayer games if they disconnect and reconnect their internet
  • Fixed Will-o-the-wisp and Voidsent Flame having reversed damage coefficients

Risk of Rain 2 Patch 1.2.2 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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