Respawn's Job Listing Reveals Possible First Details of New IP

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While most gamers are still desperately hoping for the Titanfall 3 announcement, we couldn't be less excited to discover what else the Apex Legends developer has in store for us. Last year, Vince Zampella from Respawn confirmed that the studio had put together a small team to work on a new IP. It's been over six months now since that announcement and very little has come to the surface of the internet in terms of what this new IP could turn out to be.

Now, however, it seems that Respawn Entertainment may be looking at adding additional members to the team. The information was discovered on its official website under the Careers section. The studio appears to be looking for a Technical and Systems Game Designer, Lead Combat Designer, Lead Systems Designer, and Senior Systems Designer to name a few.

The Lead Combat Designer's description has some interesting information that hints at what kind of game the studio may be developing. The description reads the designer should have "experience designing and implementing heroes, enemies, bosses, or combat systems." Additionally, "a passion for first-person shooter games is a major plus" hints that whatever the game the studio is developing is maybe a first-person shooter.

The job posting for the Systems Designer states, "develop gameplay systems with a focus on longer-term loops and player motivation," indicating that the game may not just be a basic single-player experience but possibly an online game as a service experience.

Given the information from these postings, it looks like Respawn Entertainment is eyeing an FPS-RPG with potential online experience and would play out similar to other popular titles like Destiny 2 and Borderlands 3. Moreover, the mysterious title in development doesn't seem to be the Titanfall 2 sequel.

We are expecting some great news from the developer in the coming weeks since E3 is just around the corner. Meanwhile, Respawn's Apex Legends is currently celebrating its ninth season, introducing the flying legend Valkyrie who gives a nod to the North Star titan from Titanfall 2.

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