Overwatch: Respawn Bug Giving D.Va Huge, Unfair Advantage

A leak suggests that the next Smash character would be D.Va from Overwatch.
A leak suggests that the next Smash character would be D.Va from Overwatch. Blizzard

Overwatch is a visually appealing and highly enjoyable game but it certainly is not immune to bugs. Just recently, a new bug was discovered that has something to do with the Korean Mech-riding femme, D.Va.

The bug in question is called the “respawn bug.” This only happens in a particular game mode, however, and it hasn’t been replicated in Quick Play or any other game mode.

The Bug in Question

Redditor @1CrimsonRose posted a video online to showcase how D.Va can stay alive even after her apparent death.

This could happen in the Overwatch Mystery Heroes game mode, where you will be given a random hero character once you enter. The premise is that once you die, you will be given another random hero to play with. Well, that is not what happened in the video.

The clip showed that the player’s mech was already out of HP, hence they were prompted to leave the robot immediately. In addition, an enemy Wrecking Ball dashed and pushed the damaged mech out of the area - sending it to its demise.

Normally, your character should be considered dead when that happens, and you should receive a new hero, right? To the surprise of the player, they respawned back in the starting point and still with D.Va, albeit without the mech.

While that is definitely fun, it does not bode well for the opposing team. Sure, D.Va without her mech is squishy and all, but she can still dish out good amounts of damage within the effective range.

Moreover, if the said character is used by a professional player, they could very well be invincible since they know how to play D.Va in the most efficient ways possible.

Even though this is concerning, the bug seems exclusive in Mystery Heroes. If this can also be applied to other game modes like Competitive Play, then we will have a very huge problem.

Blizzard hasn’t made a statement regarding the matter yet, but hopefully, they will not let this issue slide as this could potentially be dangerous in the Overwatch competitive scene.

What do you think of this D.Va Bug? Do you think it is unfair or it’s not a big deal at all?

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