Resident Evil 3 Remake Releasing Playable Demo Soon

Resident Evil 3 Demo Going Live Soon
Resident Evil 3 Demo Going Live Soon Metro

Capcom tweeted out earlier today that Resident Evil 3 Remake will be getting a playable demo sometime soon. Although there isn't any additional information regarding the demo, we should soon learn more about it in the coming days.

The official blog for PlayStation also revealed some interesting information on how Capcom reimagined the classic Raccoon City for Resident Evil 3 Remake. The game is expected to feature larger areas as well as certain reimagined sequences.

The photo-realistic visuals implemented by Capcom breathe life into the 'zombified' Raccoon City. Fire emerging from buildings help cast long shadows of the infected across alleyways. Faux movie posters are used to furnish the outdoor corridors. Jill's skin is meticulously worked upon and features dirt and abrasion, reflecting her struggle to survive. All of these in combination result in striking image quality.

Upgraded technology helps in completely reimagining the sprawling streets of Raccoon City. While traversing through the terrorizing streets, players can expect to find new stores, locations, subway stations, donut shops, and a new labyrinthine sewer section.

Unlike the original 1999 version of the game, the streets in Resident Evil 3 Remake are going to be wider and more open, giving players more room to dodge enemies.

Given the success the Resident Evil 2 Remake received, Capcom has gone all-in on recreating Resident Evil 3. There is so much that is being added to the game that it is certainly going to be a unique experience.

Jill Valentine also has a new dodge move, which allows her to evade zombies plunging at her. Executing a perfect dodge allows Jill to enter into slow-motion/bullet time to gain an upper hand in the fight. She also has a knife that doesn't degrade as it did in RE2 remake. However, the knife is no longer going to be a self-defense tool.

By now you might already know that Nemesis is going to be bigger, more brutal, and even smarter in Resident Evil 3 remake. Although it is possible to fight Nemesis, it is always safe to run away from him. Temporarily defeating Nemesis grants you valuable supply cases that contain high-powered ammo and coveted weapon upgrades. There are weapon mods in the game including extended magazine, laser-dot sights, silencers and more.

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